The Bug has Bitten

Actually, three bugs.

1. Stomach bug. All three of my girls have had it. Not fun. We have been up almost every night for the past week changing sheets and pajamas. Big Sis has had it a lot worse. It is really hanging on to her. And I don’t know why it’s been nighttime vomiting. I was concerned that it might be acid reflux or something when Lil Sis started doing that but when Big Sis got it we decided it was a bug. Phenagram just hasn’t helped either. I’m praying tonight will be vomit free.

2. Mosquitoes. Our afternoons of sitting outside have come to a halt thanks to these pests. I think they eat the Off spray as an appetizer. And with the increase in West Nile it makes me even more concerned. We tried sitting out yesterday so the girls could play. They love it outside. We sprayed everyone down but it didn’t do any good. Had to drag the girls back in kicking and screaming. Hopefully this cooler weather will kill off the blasted mosquitoes.

3. The Fall bug. I just love this time of year. And I get this peculiar little feeling when the seasons change. I have no idea what or why. I guess it’s like seasonal depression but it’s not depression. It’s a good thing. Is there a name for that? My brother and sis-in-law brought us a pair of pumpkins this weekend that their son-in-law had grown. They are perfect and so pretty. Lil Sis wanted a “bite”. I’ve got to decide if I’ll just use the on my front steps with some mums or make jack-o-lanterns for the girls. I’m ready to get a flat of pansies and set them out. I’m ready for trunk-or-treat at church. I’ve got Saints cheerleader uniforms for the redheads’ Halloween costumes. The 3 & 0 Saints! And the cooler weather makes the football games so much more enjoyable. And I’m so excited about the garden show and especially that Frick Frack Foto will be making pictures of the girls that day. I can’t wait. Hopefully it won’t rain. I think I can remember only one garden show weekend that it rained in the past six or so years. If you like flowers you need to come to this. Or even if you like food. They have some great food vendors too. It’s a good place for a family day.


Long time, no blogging

I didn’t intend to go so long without writing but I guess I just haven’t had much to say plus we’ve been super busy too. I’ve even been behind on my blog reading too. So, this post will be a hodgepodge of thoughts and accounts.

I’m thrilled that my daughter is still excited about college. She’s doing well so far too. The only thing, if she does flag next year we’ll get her a dorm room. She’s been making two trips to school a day three days a week because she has four hours between her last class and the start of band practice. We don’t have to worry about that next semester since there won’t be band.

I am NOT looking forward to the game tonight. Co-lin plays Southwest. I’m a Southwest alumnus. It’s gonna be hard to pull against my Bears. I’ll try to keep my cheering to myself so I won’t get beat up since I’ll be sitting on Co-lin’s side. Gotta support my daughter though.

Our high school team has really disappointed me this year. We stand at 1-3. We’ve had an extremely tough none district schedule and some really close games we should have won. I’m not gonna worry about any wins/losses until district play starts.

I LOVE AUTUMN. I’m looking forward to the annual garden show at Crystal Springs. Hoping to catch up with some friends this year while there.

I’m also hoping to get Frick Frack Foto to do a shoot of the redheads real soon. I’m trying to let the weather get a little cooler so I can put a winter outfit on the girls. My luck we’ll wake up one morning and it will be COLD. This MS weather is sooo unpredictable.

So, my new favorite eat place (you know I change every month) is Mellow Mushroom. We ate there for the first time this past weekend. The bruschetta appetizer was so SO good. After that, I managed to eat about half a slice of Caesar pizza which was excellent too. I’m trying to figure out a reason to go back to Hattiesburg this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys family time, shopping, church and all the games.