Take the Poll Please

There’s just a little something that has been bugging me at work lately and I need your opinion.

We have a large office consisting of three nice sized rooms with only two people currently occupying them. The back room has our main printer in it. The printer is right by the door so we never even turn the light on in there. For years now I have had a dorm size refrigerator and a microwave “tucked away” in there (as most offices do). I purchased these with my own money. They are mine, not company property. Any time we had a new worker in the office they would ask about it and I would gladly tell them they could use it.

For a few months now I’ve been occasionally seeing someone else’s food/drink in my refrigerator. I’ve also noticed unused minutes on the microwave. I am OCD and unused minutes drive me crazy. I almost always go out for lunch so I thought maybe it was my boss using it. One rare occasion I brought my lunch and stayed at my desk to eat. So I was very surprised to see who came in and got their lunch out of MY fridge and heated it in MY microwave. This person didn’t even work in my office. This person is the most disliked person in the company…and I’m trying to be nice here. They are the kind that sits around and looks for ways to get others in trouble. They are not a supervisor, manager, or leadperson. Just an office worker. If it had been anyone else in the company using my things without asking it would not bother me. But the idea that it is the self proclaimed company chief of police really irks me.

So, please look to the right and take the poll I have set up. I couldn’t change the font color so it is rather hard to read. You can highlight it with your cursor and read it better.

Feel free to leave your comments/suggestions too. Thanks.