Tragic News

Burger King no longer sells cheesy tots.

I had stopped the every day trips but I would splurge about once or twice a week and get some.

Just the right size. Easy to eat while driving. No mess (except a few pounds of grease). They didn't mess up my lipstick. Good price. Creamy. Cheesy. Delicious.

Now there's nothing. You have to have a fork to eat tots w/cheese from Sonic. Biscuits are too...too...bready. You can't pour salsa on burritos and drive.


I think I'm having withdrawals.


I survived Christmas 2009.

It was fun but I'm glad it's over. I remember back when I LOVED Christmas. All I had to do was open presents and eat.

Now it's such a hassle. Wondering where money will come from to buy gifts. Will this person like their gift? What will I cook? Gotta clean for this gathering. Now to cook. Now I gotta clean up after that gathering for the next gathering. More cooking. Where does all the trash come from?

And Lil Sis thought the presents should go on indefinitely. Once she opened all of hers she went into the "more presents" cry for about an hour. Hopefully she'll understand it next year.

But all in all it was good.

I'm looking forward to Christmas 2010.

Oh yeah, I'll have a son-in-law by then. ;)


Season's Greetings

Wishing all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


The Blobs are Back!

Even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, they’ve been spotted.

Just a few right now. But they will multiply.

Piles of red, white, green, blue.

Christmas inflatables.

Now if you have these blow up decorations I don’t intend to offend you. I like them when they are inflated, especially the snow globe ones. But during the daytime they just lie around the yard in piles. Like Frosty after he had his melt down.

Maybe they could be placed in giant boxes that are decorated like packages. Then when the things are blown up they’d jump out like giant jack-in-the-boxes. Then they’d just sink back down into their boxes and hide during the daytime.

Or maybe they should be stored when they are not inflated.

Or maybe just leave them inflated 24-7.

Isn’t Entergy giving folks a break on their electric rate?


Life is Good

It has been the best week. I have laughed more than I have in a while. Between my blogger friends, and facebook friends/family, and co-workers and my family, they have all kept me laughing. I love to laugh. It is good medicine.

It has been a great week. I hope yours was too and that you had a few laughs.

Have a great weekend.


Frick Frack Foto Photos

I had put all of these on facebook but for those of you that missed them or arent on fb, here are a few of the pics that the wonderful, sweet, gorgeous ladies at Frick Frack Foto took. It was freezing that morning and my babies were shaking they were so cold. But they were troopers and cooperated quite nicely.


Recipe Replication

My hubby and I have been hung up on Mellow Mushroom lately. Mainly because of the bruschetta appetizer. We both LOVE that stuff. We usually don’t do well deciding on a pizza though. I like a simple, fresh veggie type pizza. He likes a meaty pizza. We’ve compromised and taken turns getting one of each on our recent visits.

We are getting a bit burnt out though…on the pizza part, not the bruschetta. So I decided I needed to just make our own bruschetta.

Now all this time I’ve been thinking that “bruschetta” was the type of bread. The only time I’ve ever heard of it was from Giada De’Laurentes and a few more Food Network stars. But it is actually the process you put Italian bread through. Grilled with garlic.

I knew I’d never find the right kind of bread around here so on the way home from Hattiesburg the other night we stopped by the really nice new grocery in Bellevue. They had a bread that worked just fine. We also needed the balsamic vinegar stuff to drizzle over the top. I had no idea what that would be. I guess the closest I’ve ever bought to something like that was pickapeppa sauce. But we lucked up there too. On the top shelf, all alone, above the vinegar, was a bottle of “balsamic glaze”. No price anywhere. I figured it might be a little pricey, $5.00 or so, but hey, we needed it. And it looked like the right stuff. I didn’t pay any attention during check out but when I got home and was writing my tickets down I looked at the price. $8.99. yikes. At least it doesn’t take much…just a drizzle. So this bottle should last a while. All other ingredients were simple. Tomatoes and Feta.

I was dying to give the recipe a try. I resisted the urge to make it for breakfast the next morning since I was the only person up. I did it that night though.

I sliced the baguette into ¼ thick pieces. I know actual bruschetta takes garlic but instead I brushed each slice with olive oil and sprinkled it with basil. Into the oven for a few minutes, until the slices were firm. Then I topped each with a spoonful each of diced tomato and Feta. And topped it all off with a drizzle of the expensive balsamic glaze. Tada! How simple was that.

I must say I was pleased. It tasted just as good Mellow Mushroom. Every slice was eaten.

And for some strange reason I thought about the replicators they use on Star Trek. Man, wouldn’t that be the easy way out. I somehow don’t think it would be as satisfying though.


To Do List

1. Garden show. Check.
2. New baby. Check.
3. Photo shoot with Frick Frack Foto. Check.
4. Family reunion. Check.
5. Saints whipping the Giants. Check.

This weekend the ONLY thing on my list is a band competition at Co-lin on Saturday. Easy, easy.
Oh, and some Saints on Sunday.


Off and Running

It seems like once Labor Day hits every year, the next four months are loaded down busy! This year will be no exception. But I’m looking forward to it all.

We’ve had/got birthday parties, football games, homecoming is this Saturday at Co-lin, garden show, a photo shoot, a new baby, family reunion, Trunk or Treat plus the usual Halloween night stuff, a wedding, Mistletoe Marketplace, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Not necessarily in that order. Before this Saturday I’ve got to buy a wedding shower gift, a birthday gift and a secret pal gift. Whew. At least it looks like a trip to Hattiesburg is in store. Now the best part…where to eat…hmmmm.

I’m still loving Mellow Mushroom! Their bruschetta appetizer is so delicious. Which if the redheads are with us we’ll probably end up at Raising Canes. Have to do something a little more family friendly when those two are in tow. They’re not picky about their eating but they tend to get a little loud sometimes.

I’m still wondering why sister #1 scheduled a family reunion on the Saints-Giants game day. Didn’t she know the Saints would be 4 and 0 at that time? Did she not have any confidence in our usually disappointing team? Oh well, like the baby shower I hosted, we’ll just have to leave the tv on. (don’t freak…it was strictly an all family baby shower, third baby, very informal  )

I can’t wait for the garden show. I just love to go and see all the beautiful flowers at that place. And this year Frick Frack Foto is gonna meet me there and get some shots of the redheads. I had thought I’d let the girls wear their green outfit with their little floral green high top tennis shoes but they got their new boots in yesterday and they are SO cute! I may have to come up with something to go with those. I’ll have to hit The Children’s Place and see what they have. My daughter had already found a really cute dress that would blend with their green that she’s gonna wear for a group photo. It has greens, purples and golds in it. I have the girls a purple skirt ordered that should be here any day so we may just go with that and get a shirt to match. Decisions. Decisions.

I’ll be so glad when those little squirts grow some more. They are two years and three months old. An 18 month pant or skirt falls off of them but a 12 month pant is too short. I’m really having trouble finding pants for the winter. They eat anything you put in front of them. Fruit. Veggies. Meat. Anything except a hamburger or sandwich. They just won’t eat bread yet. I guess they are just gonna be small. Their mom and dad both are small framed.

Okay. It’s only Thursday but I’m geared up for a busy weekend. Hope y’all have a good one too.


The List Grows.

It’s been a little over a year ago since I made this post. It was concerning two friends that had recently passed away (way too young in my opinion, but the Lord knows best) and I just couldn’t bring myself to delete those names from my email address book.

Their names are still there.

Now there is a third.


RIP friend. And your name will stay in my address book also so that every time I scroll and see it I will be reminded of your bright Spirit and kind words and know that you are in a better place without pain or sorrow or struggles.



My husband is a quiet man. Very quiet. In a way that's a good thing because when he does talk he talks very low and my hearing just ain't what it used to be and I'm constantly saying "what? what?".

We had to go to Jackson this morning. He was having a colonoscopy. This is our entire conversation on the trip up there (keep in mind I'm driving):

(about 15 minutes into the trip) Slow down. SLOW DOWN.

I am. I know how to drive.

Well you were flying and I've had a wreck here before.

I'm a better driver than you too.

(about an hour later) Tell me where to turn.

It's up here. Right here. Right HERE. HERE. HERE.

The procedure went very quickly and everything was fine. After they called me back the nurse told him to try to pass some gas. When she walked out he passed a really big one! For some reason an alarm went off on the monitor he was attached to right at that time. He was still wild eyed from the anesthesia and said "man, it made the alarm go off". Uh, no, I said. I don't think they have a big need for a fart alarm.

He slept all the way home.

I sang with the radio.


The Bug has Bitten

Actually, three bugs.

1. Stomach bug. All three of my girls have had it. Not fun. We have been up almost every night for the past week changing sheets and pajamas. Big Sis has had it a lot worse. It is really hanging on to her. And I don’t know why it’s been nighttime vomiting. I was concerned that it might be acid reflux or something when Lil Sis started doing that but when Big Sis got it we decided it was a bug. Phenagram just hasn’t helped either. I’m praying tonight will be vomit free.

2. Mosquitoes. Our afternoons of sitting outside have come to a halt thanks to these pests. I think they eat the Off spray as an appetizer. And with the increase in West Nile it makes me even more concerned. We tried sitting out yesterday so the girls could play. They love it outside. We sprayed everyone down but it didn’t do any good. Had to drag the girls back in kicking and screaming. Hopefully this cooler weather will kill off the blasted mosquitoes.

3. The Fall bug. I just love this time of year. And I get this peculiar little feeling when the seasons change. I have no idea what or why. I guess it’s like seasonal depression but it’s not depression. It’s a good thing. Is there a name for that? My brother and sis-in-law brought us a pair of pumpkins this weekend that their son-in-law had grown. They are perfect and so pretty. Lil Sis wanted a “bite”. I’ve got to decide if I’ll just use the on my front steps with some mums or make jack-o-lanterns for the girls. I’m ready to get a flat of pansies and set them out. I’m ready for trunk-or-treat at church. I’ve got Saints cheerleader uniforms for the redheads’ Halloween costumes. The 3 & 0 Saints! And the cooler weather makes the football games so much more enjoyable. And I’m so excited about the garden show and especially that Frick Frack Foto will be making pictures of the girls that day. I can’t wait. Hopefully it won’t rain. I think I can remember only one garden show weekend that it rained in the past six or so years. If you like flowers you need to come to this. Or even if you like food. They have some great food vendors too. It’s a good place for a family day.


Long time, no blogging

I didn’t intend to go so long without writing but I guess I just haven’t had much to say plus we’ve been super busy too. I’ve even been behind on my blog reading too. So, this post will be a hodgepodge of thoughts and accounts.

I’m thrilled that my daughter is still excited about college. She’s doing well so far too. The only thing, if she does flag next year we’ll get her a dorm room. She’s been making two trips to school a day three days a week because she has four hours between her last class and the start of band practice. We don’t have to worry about that next semester since there won’t be band.

I am NOT looking forward to the game tonight. Co-lin plays Southwest. I’m a Southwest alumnus. It’s gonna be hard to pull against my Bears. I’ll try to keep my cheering to myself so I won’t get beat up since I’ll be sitting on Co-lin’s side. Gotta support my daughter though.

Our high school team has really disappointed me this year. We stand at 1-3. We’ve had an extremely tough none district schedule and some really close games we should have won. I’m not gonna worry about any wins/losses until district play starts.

I LOVE AUTUMN. I’m looking forward to the annual garden show at Crystal Springs. Hoping to catch up with some friends this year while there.

I’m also hoping to get Frick Frack Foto to do a shoot of the redheads real soon. I’m trying to let the weather get a little cooler so I can put a winter outfit on the girls. My luck we’ll wake up one morning and it will be COLD. This MS weather is sooo unpredictable.

So, my new favorite eat place (you know I change every month) is Mellow Mushroom. We ate there for the first time this past weekend. The bruschetta appetizer was so SO good. After that, I managed to eat about half a slice of Caesar pizza which was excellent too. I’m trying to figure out a reason to go back to Hattiesburg this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys family time, shopping, church and all the games.


Top Ten Indicators That Your Employer has changed to Obama's Health Care Plan

(10) Your annual breast exam is done at Hooters..
(9) Directions to your doctor's office include "Take a left when you enter the trailer park."
(8) The tongue depressors taste faintly of Fudgesicles.
(7) The only proctologist in the plan is "Gus" from Roto-Rooter.
(6) The only item listed under Preventative Care Coverage is "an apple a day."
(5) Your primary care physician is wearing the pants you gave to Goodwill last month.
(4) "The patient is responsible for 200% of out-of-network charges," this is not a typographical error.
(3) The only expense covered 100% is "Embalming ."
(2) Your Prozac comes in different colors with little M's on them.
(1) You ask for Viagra and they give you a Popsicle stick and ducttape.


Chatter Box...X 2

I used to just beg my daughter to be quiet for one minute because she talked so much when she was little. Now I have two chattering up a storm. There is rarely a quiet moment in the house. The only time they are not talking is when they are sleeping or into one of their tv shows.

I do love how their vocabulary has grown and what long sentences they can make now.

The most common phrases:

I do it by meself.

Just one second. (while holding up three fingers)

Wait a minute Mawmaw, wait a minute.

Hear that?

No, I’m fine. (anytime I ask if their diaper is wet)

No, I don’t like ________ (fill in the blank with absolutely anything, whether they really like it or not)

I like _______.

I want a popsicle.

What you doing Mawmaw?

Where _______ at? (fill in the blank with every human and animal they know by name)

I wanna watch Sprout.


The Cost of a Child

According to a new government study released this week it costs about $221,000 to raise a child from birth to age 17. That breaks down to about $1,083 per month for one child.

We have three. That’s $3,249 per month.

Actually, I think my three girls are priceless.


Potty training continues...

We haven’t gotten just full time serious about potty training yet but we do work on it.

Only bad thing, since I took a picture of each of the girls’ first poops and made a big deal out of it, they think we are suppose to make a picture every time they poop now. They start saying “make picture of it” and pointing to it. I’m doing it to appease them…but I really have enough poop pictures. I can’t just “pretend” to make a picture because they want to see it on the camera after I snap.

If they are smart enough to know all that, they should be smart enough to start using the potty, wouldn’t you think?


New Shoes

We just couldn't resist getting the girls these shoes from The Children's Place this weekend. Also got a green plaid skirt and matching hair bows and a green top to complete the outift. The green looks good with their red hair. I LOVE that store!

I'll get pics of the entire outfit when they wear them. I can't wait for cooler weather so they can wear their new fall clothes.


Wedding Entrance

I was turned on to this video by Lauren. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing it on my blog.

Dog Days

I’ve been in a rather…I don’t know what kind of mood lately. somber. stressed. depressed. disheartened. irritated. regrettable. I guess it’s just a mixture of emotions. I don’t like it. I’m trying to climb out of it. I started by going to church last night and facing the giant black asphalt jungle. That has been the thorn in my side for a week now.

I am so disappointed that the green spaces for landscaping and shrubbery are almost nil. During the committee meetings I fought as hard as possible for greenery. The majority of the men didn’t want any. More maintenance they said. I thought we had settled on a good balance. I thought like Lit I guess (hopefully, all of you know ‘bout Lit). The other eyesore; the walkway up to the front entry is off-centered. I am ocd and things like this drive me crazy. CRAZY. I’m hoping this part will be fixed. We’ll see. My opinion may not mean too much. I am only a WOMAN after all. It may be something I’ll just have to live with. Last night was my first step in dealing with it all. The aesthetics. The men on the committee I’m aggravated with. I felt better than I thought I would. I’m praying for guidance and control of my tongue.

I’ve also spent a lot of time on the phone trying to get my daughter’s class schedule to fit her needs better. We just didn’t think it through very well before registration. We pretty much let the counselor do her classes. But with her commuting, it ended up with her having tons of spare time between all of her classes. That meant hanging out in the library, finding a friend with a dorm room that would be willing to let her hang out there, or riding around wasting gas. Then she has to be there for colorguard at 3:15. After thinking, calling, rearranging, calling, going online, calling, I think we finally made it. She’ll be taking two online classes. She’ll have her other two classes at 1st and 3rd period. Even though it’s a good little drive, she can come home and then go back for band. Or hopefully, she can work a lot of those days. The restaurant is open from 11:00 until 2:00 so that will give her time to change and get to band practice. We’ll know all this stuff next semester.

Thankfully we don’t have to worry about tuition. Full band scholarship, partial ACT scholarship, a nice pell grant and hopefully M-TAG (got to check the status on that one).

On Tuesday, my half pit bull came up missing. She was confined because as she’s got older, she has become more aggressive. She would go to the neighbor’s houses and jump on their pets. One of them she mangled severely. So I had to wait and hope I didn’t get a phone call from an angry neighbor. She came back home yesterday. Thankfully. No calls yet so maybe she didn’t attack any other animals. And for those of you wondering, I didn’t seek out a pit bull. She found us. Some uncaring person dumped her out several years ago (about eight). She came to our house and I couldn’t turn her away.

Next, finances. Since my daughter graduated we have lost $600 monthly income. We are having to adjust. Considerably. Even though we knew this day was coming, it was hard to plan for it. We have gone into “pinch a penny” mode. Not fun. But we’ll survive.

I’m going to blame all this chaos on dog days. What else could it be?


Prayers for JJ, again.

It's been less than a year ago that I asked for prayers for JJ Jasper, AFR morning personality, who was thrown from a horse and was in the hospital for several weeks with some severe injuries. Today, the prayers are even more urgent and the story much more tragic.

JJ's son, five year old, Cooper, was killed in a go-kart accident. His funeral is today.

Here is more info.

My heart just breaks for them but I know the Lord will not put more on them than they can handle.


Birthday Party Luau

I know it has taken me forever to get some pics posted but here they are...finally.


End to End

I opened a new loaf of bread this morning to fix myself a sandwich for lunch. As we always do, I passed by the end piece and got the next two pieces of bread.

And then I wondered, why don't we just throw out the end piece to begin with??? But no, it stays in there and every time we get bread we pass it by and get the next piece. Then we make sure it fits nicely back in its place before tying the bread wrapper back up. It'll stay in there until it meets the other end piece. When that happens, we'll take both end pieces and throw them outside for the dogs or birds or whatever finds it first. Crazy.

So, do you all do that too or do you eat the end pieces or do you throw the first end piece out as soon as the bread is opened?


Rain, rain

FINALLY! We got some rain last night. I don't know how much but we had mud puddles in the driveway this morning. I'm sure it was no where near the amount needed to replenish the earth after the severe drought we've had but I'll take any little drop that comes down.

The last rain we had was Memorial Day weekend.

This was Fourth of July weekend.

I hope the Lord isn't thinking we only need rain on holidays.

Labor Day is a long way off.



Yeah! Today is my Friday this week. I’m so looking forward to the three day weekend even though I have absolutely nothing planned. I actually wish it would storm all weekend. Sorry guys that are planning on grilling/swimming/picnicking. But we haven’t had a drop of rain since Memorial weekend. Not a DROP. That’s going on six weeks without rain. We’ve been watering our patio garden and some flowers but they still look rough. I guess the hot days are just scorching them. I see our biggest chance for rain is 30% on Sunday night and Monday. I even suggested we give our preacher a raise. He really liked that idea.

Well, Mother made it home on Tuesday. That was a long two weeks. She’s still a bit weak but is doing good. She is one tough lady. When she went in that Tuesday the doc gave us the worse news possible with an approximate death timeline. She showed him. Her doc was truly amazed. This is the second time she’s been near death and has pulled through. I hope I have a few of those tough Maxwell genes.

My great nephew had to have surgery on Tuesday. They pulled a one inch foreign bone out of his foot. Yuck! One disadvantage of swimming in a creek. They had tried to dig it out at the ER but couldn’t. They had to put him to sleep. They gave the bone to him to keep.

We had a fantastic birthday party luau last Saturday evening. The redheads got so many nice gifts. I will post some pics, hopefully this weekend. With all this going on with Mother I just haven’t had time.

Have a safe and happy Fourth everyone.


We're TWO!!!


For those of you who have asked about my mom: She is at UMC right now. Brookhaven diagnosed her with Strep A in her blood. They were extremely concerned that the bacteria had gotten into her artificial heart valve. UMC is doing more tests. Her echocardiogram looked good but they want to do one more test to be positive. She is doing better. She sat up in a chair for 45 minutes yesterday. They are taking the catheter out today so she can go to the bathroom on her own. Her fever will break now but go back up slightly at times (slightly, not the 104.9 she had last Tuesday). For days she kept fever so that is a good sign.

She is a tough lady! She is a severe diabetic, has glaucoma, high blood pressure, an artificial heart valve, two knee replacements (and one of those replaced), and a pin in her hip. She still lives alone, works her garden and has a yard full of flowers. She even got hit by a dually pick up about four years ago in the local mall parking lot and was only bruised up. We still harass my oldest sister about letting our mom get run over! Mother’s older sister is 95 and up until recently has been in decent health. She is not doing well at all herself right now though.

I really, REALLY appreciate all the prayers. Last Tuesday we had received the worst news but I seriously believe prayer turned things around.

We are planning a party with all this going on. The redheads turned two yesterday. We are having a luau birthday party this Saturday. I’m looking forward to it. I will post some pictures here.

Thanks again for all your prayers dear friends!


It's Over

And no, I’m not talking about Jon and Kate. This is about MY relationship.

This was a very hard decision but it had to be done.

Our relationship was great while it lasted but I’ve decided I should end it. I’m very ashamed I let it go on this long. Over the past few weeks things have just not been the same. That desire is just not there anymore. And I know it was wrong anyway. Very wrong. It was just no good for me from the beginning but I was just too much in love to stop it.

And I’ve thought about it and I don’t want to make it work any more. I think this is the best time to end it. Some of you may not understand that but that’s just how I feel. I’ve got my future to think about. I’ve got my family. I need to stick around for them.

I honestly can’t remember the first time we met. I just know I fell in love that day. And it was great for many months but those feelings are gone.

So, I’m ending it now. Before my heart is totally gone.

Goodbye my love. *sniff*

My waistline and my arteries just don’t need you. The craving is gone. I may come around ever now and then but the daily rendezvous will be no more. It’s over.

Rain Dance

We have not had any rain since MEMORIAL WEEKEND! That is four weeks now. We are suffering. We've been trying to keep our patio garden and some of my flowers watered but they are just scorched.

So please, if anyone knows a rain dance come to my house. If you teach it to me I'll dance with you.

Maybe we can sing this Guess Who song and dance to it:

Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?
Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?
Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?
Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?

Fifi said to Don the baker
Can you show me how to bake another bun, Don,
And I’m still sittin’ with my next door neighbour sayin’
Where’d you get the gun, John?

Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?
Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?
Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?
Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?

Christopher was askin’ the astronomer
Can your telescope tell me where the sun’s gone,
And I’m still sittin’ with my next door neighbour sayin’
Where’d you get the gun, John?

Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?
Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?
Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?
Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?

Changin’ just a few things
Laughin’ when the bell rings, on the go
Changin’ just a few things
Shootin’ when the bird sings.

Changin’ just a few things
Laughin’ when the bell rings, on the go
Changin’ just a few things
Shootin’ when the bird sings.

Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?
Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?
Don’t you wanna rain dance with me?


Chicken Humor

...especially for Clucky.


Weekend Fun


Lil Sis FINALLY did it!!! Yeah!


Some Twin Talk

This has been a super busy spring so far, at home and at work. Well, at home it mostly means doing whatever the redheads want to do which is staying outside as long as possible. As soon as I get home they start saying “outside, outside”. They love it outside. And we stay out there with them as long as we can. Thank goodness the mosquitoes have not been bad yet. Seems like there has been more flies than normal though. They are the biggest nuisance. But anyway, they run around, play on the little cars, sometimes get in the pool, wave at every car that passes, swing, slide, or whatever. They are happy as long as they are outside.

The girls have a pretty good vocabulary and are now making little sentences. Lil Sis tickled me the other day saying “Pawpaw at?” while holding her hands up in a questioning position. They both say “balloon” very well but can’t put the L sound at the beginning of a word. Popsicle is another favorite word. Chokite milk, gapes (grapes), fwuit, agoo (yogurt), chips, punch are some of their food words. Thankfully they are really good eaters and eat most anything you put in front of them, including greens. After a terrible round with fire ants, about ten bites on her foot, Lil Sis now says “stupid ants” very well. They say “sit down”, “moan Mawmaw” (come on), op’n it up, put ‘t up.

I wonder at what age all the big time singers usually start singing. These girls will get down singing. They may not know every word but they’ll drag out one word of the song and catch up on the next word they know. They sing with fervor too and those little heads are getting it from side to side. I need to get that on video for sure.

Potty training has pretty much stalled. I do my best to work with them on the weekends, but just weekends isn’t gonna get them trained. But it’s a start. They still may be a little young any way. I do see some light there though. For several weeks now as soon as Big Sis is wet she starts saying “poopie” and wants her diaper changed. She’ll run get up on the changing table and wait for you to come change her. Lil Sis has just recently started doing that. So, it’s a beginning anyway.

They’ll be two in less than three weeks. Time has flown by for sure. So we’ll be doing some party planning. I guess my babies are not babies any more. They are toddlers about to reach their terrible twos. I really don’t want to think about that!


Children's Programming

Now that the redheads are finally interested in television, if only for a few minutes at a time, I’ve had the opportunity to watch some of the children’s programs lately. They still love Barney but at least they are watching different shows now too. Thank goodness.

I’ve noticed that lots of the programs incorporate Hispanics into the show, many by using Hispanic main characters such as Handy Manny and Dragon Tales. And Barney has included Spanish speaking songs since the beginning.

Disney has the toddler programs on in the mornings but then it changes to tween shows around late morning so then our only choice is Sprout. If us adults are watching something the girls will start saying “Sprout, Sprout”, wanting us to turn there. Hopefully there’s a new television for their room in the near future.

I haven’t figured out yet why Nena, the host for Sprout, wears the exact same clothes day after day after day. Does this make her more familiar to the children? I change clothes daily and my grandbabies still recognize me. It drives me crazy.

Then there’s Caillou. What kind of name is that anyway? His sister, Rosie, has a normal name. And why is he bald when none of his friends are?

Why do some of the mice in Angelina Ballerina wears clothes and some do not?

And many of the Sprout shows have characters with British accents. I kinda like Kipper. Kipper the dog. The dog with the slipper. Kipper the dog. But I don’t like it when that song gets stuck in my head.

Noddy is this strange little boy that lives in Toyland or something like that. They have some strange and scary characters in that show.

And I’m sorry, but Thomas is just downright boring.

I think all of the Sprout shows are “safe” for the children to watch. They just do a lot of repeats. I’ve seen Caillou break his mother’s favorite mug about six times in the past couple of weeks.

I can remember growing up the ONLY time we got to watch cartoons was on Saturday morning. We always looked forward to that day. Later, Sesame Street, Electric Company and Mister Rogers came out on PBS but it took us a while to get a UHF antennae. I didn’t get to watch much of those.

And I know, we shouldn’t let the redheads watch TOO much television. But it sure can make a good babysitter.



January sure seems like a long way off. *sigh*
This is an excellent recap of the last show:


Technology Free Weekend

Well, it was somewhat technology free. I didn’t turn my pc on at all. The redheads left Friday afternoon and I had plenty of time to surf…I just didn’t want to. Seems like blogging and facebooking and surfing in general has gotten old. I actually went to bed about 6:00 PM Friday night. I just needed the rest plus this graduation has really got me down. It felt good to catch up on my sleep. I had good long naps after dinner Saturday and Sunday too.

My cell phone stayed dead until yesterday afternoon. I didn’t even know it. I only use my cell phone in “have to” instances. I am just not a phone person at all. These people who talk while driving, walking, ordering in a fast food line (grrrrr, my pet peeve), sleeping (they must since they can’t breathe without one), I just don’t understand. I grew up without a cell phone and lived to tell about it. No big deal. I know they are handy but not something I couldn’t live without.

We worked in the yard Saturday morning and then hubby and I went to Hattiesburg Saturday night. We just took our time and ate at Newk’s and did a little shopping. I needed an outfit for graduation (*sniff*), something not too dressy since we will be at the football stadium. I found some black capris and a semi-dressy shirt at Dressbarn that will work just fine.

Sunday morning was senior recognition at church. My daughter was working so she couldn’t be there (*more sniffs*). They are short handed at work and she didn’t want to put them in a bind by asking to be off. She officially is out of school, since Friday, but had to be back this morning to practice graduation.

Okay. I don’t know how you other moms have handled graduation but I’m not doing very well with it. I didn’t know I would get so depressed. She’ll still be at home next year. She’s commuting, not staying in the dorm. So it’s not like she’s moving out. But this has been so depressing. Several years ago I actually got empty nest anxiety. I started panicking just thinking about what we’d do, or not do, once she left. I regretted having just one child at that time. I did some reading on adoption but my husband just wasn’t in agreement. I guess it was a good thing he wasn’t since the Lord sent us the redheads not too long after that. But I guess it has really hit me that my baby isn’t a baby any more.

So for now, I’m just going to allow myself to be sad if I want to. It’ll pass sooner or later.



I passed by a freshly bush hogged field this morning and there were about twenty buzzards sitting out there having breakfast. It was like a free breakfast buffet. Poor little rabbits, birds and mice. That must have been a horrible way to die. I’m just guessing but I bet buzzards get a large amount of their meals from road kill. What did they do in the days before cars? They just had to wait for an animal to die of natural causes? I’m sure there weren’t too many possums killed by the wheels of a horse drawn buggy.

I also saw mud puddles at my house this morn. That was a good thing. The rain has been dodging us and we needed it. It helps with our water bill.

I am watching the gas prices rise. It goes up about seven to ten cents every two or three days. I’m wondering if they’ll sock it to us again this summer with prices over $4.00. I am not looking forward to that.

Love's Travel Center is open. I was afraid it was going to shut down the old truck stop across the road that has been there forever. It won't. It is NOT what I was expecting. I thought it would be a true truck stop with a greasy spoon restaurant but it's simply a store with two fast food places. That's it.

I made a quick trip to Hattiesburg Saturday morning and since I was by myself I decided to stop in Columbia and get cheesy tots. I rarely get them on the weekends. But the BK was totally shut down when I got there. Closed. Wonder what’s up with that. Needless to say, I was extremely let down and disappointed. I just waited and ate Cane’s chicken for lunch instead.

Then, as I passed by the Favre estate and was admiring the fence and landscaping (that would take probably five years of my salary to pay for) I wondered what the heck is this guy going to do now. And how long is it going to take him to decide this summer. I sure wouldn’t mind seeing him take on the Packers. WOW! What a game that would be. And then again, I think he should just retire, for good, and let his nephew continue the Favre legacy. But no matter what we think, it’s his prerogative. NOT ours.

Friday is my daughter’s last day of high school. Forever. I’m sad but I know life goes on. I well remember her first day of kindergarten. She loved her teacher, Mrs. Teresa. Many of those twenty two children (the smallest class they’ve had at school) will be graduating together next Thursday night at the central high school. They’ve been friends for thirteen years or longer. We will miss little Jesse though. He was badly burned Sunday night and is currently at the burn center in Mobile.

It has been extremely busy in our office, but unfortunately not company wide. It’s simply because we are short handed in the office. I’m hoping production picks up soon. We can only wait and see.

It’s going to be a long, hot summer I do believe.


Thanks Guys!

I've been really, really slow about blogging lately. But so have MANY others. Several of you have even blogged about it also. SO, thank you all! That takes some of the pressure off of me.

It's just a very busy time of year. And my brain and my body are tired. I'm tired of end of school senior stuff, like proof reading essays, graduation invitations, color guard tryouts, gathering college information, applying for scholarships and grants, ACT's.

I'm tired of arguing with bull headed men about putting greenery back into the church parking lot. That is something that is going to be there for YEARS and it needs to look nice!!!

I'm tired of training my supervisor for WEEKS. He should have it by now. But he doesn't.

I'm tired of my yard looking like crap, but I don't have the energy or money to fix it right now.

But at least I'm not tired of this blog. I've just slowed down a bit.




A volunteer by my patio.


My Fantasy...

I'm sitting at home
(shut up. It's MY fantasy and I'm a homebody remember.
I'd get homesick on an island or beach or where ever)...

...eating cheesy tots...

...with Jack Bauer

...while Jason Castro serenades us with "Hallelujah". *sigh*


Easter 2009

I am finally getting around to posting my Easter pictures.

The girls loved the Easter Bunny at the church egg hunt. They weren't scared at all.

I hate I didn't get any better pictures of them getting their baskets. The baskets were so cute. But I had woke them up much earlier than they are used to and had to kinda rush them to get their baskets and get ready for church for early service. They were so droopy, their mom and me were making sure they didn't fall out of the dining chairs while my husband filmed.

They absolutely loved their sunshades. They would not take them off and wore them to church. They stayed in the sanctuary (actually we had service in the fellowship hall since all utility lines had been cut due to parking lot renovations) and were very good. They wore their shades almost the entire time.

They love their Pawpaw! Still got the shades on after church.

They are holding their monkey slippers they got in their baskets. I thought for sure they could keep them on their feet because they have play high heels and run all over the place in those. Flip flops are a different story though. Right now the slippers are hidden because we got tired of hearing "put it on" over and over and over and putting the slippers back on their feet over and over and over. They'll be a little older before they get any more flip flop type shoes.

Just being silly after hunting eggs that afternoon!


Can It Get Any Worse?

The Potty Dance commercial has absolutely nothing on BK's new Sponge Bob kid's meal commercial. How creepy and insane. As if the king isn't scary enough by himself.


Barney...friend or foe

It’s like I’m reliving a childhood nightmare…the redheads are HOOKED on Barney. I went through this about 16 ½ years ago, when my child was old enough to actually sit still long enough to watch television. Barney was just coming out and getting popular. But it was the ONLY show she would sit and watch. For hours. So, Barney became my best baby sitter.

Now it’s the only show the redheads will sit and watch. Big Sis will watch a little of Handy Manny but it doesn’t hold her attention like the purple dinosaur does.

We started out letting them watch a dvd on the den tv but that got old for us adults quick. We had to get control of our tv again. So my husband drug out the old vhs player and an old tv we’ve had for about twenty years and set it up in their room. We got my daughter’s vhs tapes out and even got the redhead’s daddy’s old vhs tapes. Yes, he watched Barney too. I guess it is instilled in their blood.

They always want someone to sit on the bed with them and watch. I have watched hours upon hours of Barney in the past three or so weeks. I can recall every little ditty that they sang when my daughter was little. I just don’t know how much more I can take though!!! Here lately, I’ve been trying to explain to them that I need to do things or need to watch the weather or whatever. It is getting easier to slip out and easier for them to stay in their room by themselves and watch it. I love spending time with my angels but there’s only so much Barney an adult can take.

I love you,
You love me,
We’re a happy family
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,
Won’t you say you love me too.


More TyTy

I went back to the TyTy Nursery website to make sure I hadn't missed the persimmon tree Coop had commented about. Yes, I had seen that one. But here's a funny picture I did miss:

So, is the man going to shoot the cows if they try to steal his nuts? Or did he shoot the squirrels and steal their nuts to feed to the cows? And I like the way the cows appear to be "floating". Kinda like a 3-D effect.

But my biggest question is...WHAT kind of tree are they trying to sell?


Beautiful Tree, Beautiful People...Huh?

I've seen this gorgeous tree around town in front of a couple of businesses. Bright green, small leaves with a beautiful weeping form. I want one. So I called one of those businesses, which is a florist, and asked them what kind of tree it was. A drake elm. I wanted to look up height, planting zone, etc. I found this site and this picture:

Isn't it a beautiful tree?

And please tell me WHAT those almost "nekkid" people have to do with trees? They have other very peculiar pictures on their site. Like these:

Oh yeah. That really makes me want to buy that Magnolia.

And a few pine trees too.
And this is a regular nursery! Look at their site: http://www.tytyga.com/category/Elm+Trees

I'm just wondering if that helps them sell more trees. You reckon?



Mr. Webster defines drought as: a prolonged or chronic shortage or lack of something expected or desired.

So...if you were expecting or desiring a new blog post, sorry.

I've hit a dry spell with the blog. I just haven't had anything inspiring or funny or interesting to post. But I'll keep thinking. Something will come sooner or later. Be patient.


Psalm 23 for Work

The Lord is my real boss, and I shall not want.
He gives me peace, when chaos is all around me.
He gently reminds me to pray and do all things without murmuring and complaining.
He reminds me that he is my source and not my job. He restores my sanity everyday and guides my decisions that I might honor him in all that I do.
Even though I face absurd amounts of e-mails, system crashes, unrealistic deadlines, budget cutbacks, gossiping co-workers, discriminating supervisors and an aging body that doesn't cooperate every morning, I still will not stop--- for He is with me! His presence, His peace, and His power will see me through.

He raises me up, even when they fail to promote me. He claims me as His own, even when the company threatens to let me go. His faithfulness and love is better than any bonus check.

His retirement plan beats every 401k there is!
When it's all said and done, I'll be working for Him a whole lot longer and for that, I BLESS HIS NAME!


If I Could Talk to the Animals

We had a fantastic trip to Global Wildlife in Folsum, LA yesterday. They have around 4,000 animals that roam freely on 900 acres. They pull you around in covered wagons with a tractor. I was disappointed that we didn't get to pet the giraffes this time. They are very sensitive to noise and apparently were scared to venture up to our wagons.

The antelope will steal your cup unless you've got a really firm grip on it.
The zebras are the only animals you cannot feed or pet. They bite.
A rhea bird.

Up close with the camels.


From Basil's Farm maybe???

Ernie, the dominant male llama.

Legend has it that this is the type donkey that Mary rode in to Bethlehem. It has been blessed with the marking of a cross on its back.