Beautiful Tree, Beautiful People...Huh?

I've seen this gorgeous tree around town in front of a couple of businesses. Bright green, small leaves with a beautiful weeping form. I want one. So I called one of those businesses, which is a florist, and asked them what kind of tree it was. A drake elm. I wanted to look up height, planting zone, etc. I found this site and this picture:

Isn't it a beautiful tree?

And please tell me WHAT those almost "nekkid" people have to do with trees? They have other very peculiar pictures on their site. Like these:

Oh yeah. That really makes me want to buy that Magnolia.

And a few pine trees too.
And this is a regular nursery! Look at their site: http://www.tytyga.com/category/Elm+Trees

I'm just wondering if that helps them sell more trees. You reckon?


dhcoop said...

Oh my! I went to the website. Bet they'll sell a few persimmon trees! LOL!

Jen said...

That's some tacky marketing!! Poor girl is as nekkid as the pines!! HAH!

CluckyRN said...

That is funny has heck. Thanks for the laugh-can't wait to pass this along to the FIL who fancies himself a landscape architect...tsk tsk tsk.