The redheads have hit a few peculiar stages. Right now big sis in on a “pink” kick. She will only drink out of the pink cups, only eat the pink wrapped Hershey’s kisses, pink m&m’s, pink smarites, get the new pink toothbrush…and so on. I told her she was a pink fanatic. “Yeah” she said “I’m a pink natic”.

And lil sis has decided she has to pick out what clothes they wear all the time. And she hasn’t got the “seasonal” thing down pat yet. I’ve had to hide some summer dresses cause she kept wanting to wear those. And please, make sure the training pants match. She went into a spasm one morning because her panties didn’t match her dress.

We laughed our heads off last night at them “shaking their booties”. At least they can entertain us. American Idol certainly isn’t entertaining this year.

My daughter has their flower girl dresses picked out so we’ll get those ordered when payday rolls around. I hope I have enough paydays before this wedding gets here.

I just hope the girls will actually walk down the aisle come wedding day. They are very shy at first so I just don’t know. There is an older niece from the groom’s side of the family that will be a flower girl also. We are hoping she will be able to coax them to follow her. But if they don’t, they can come sit with Mawmaw. That will be okay too.


The List...

is slowly but surely getting smaller.

Cake. check.

Bridesmaid dresses. check.