Daily News

My favorite news outlet is Fox News, on tv and online. But sometimes their latest news headlines on the web can be so disturbing I feel like I may need to change. The following headlines and stories were all posted today AT THE SAME TIME:

Mom Tells Cops Icy Bodies in Freezer Are Her Kids

Cops: Pastor's 'Heaven Spa' Concealed Whore House

NFL Player Paralyzed, Has Leg Amputated

Man Found Guilty in Baby's Hair Dryer Beating

168 Crushed to Death in Temple Stampede- PHOTO ESSAY: (Warning: Graphic Content)

The End Is Near: U.S. Can't Stop 'Doomsday Machine'

Father Kills Sex Offender Who Broke Into Home

Bride's Water Breaks but Finishes Wedding, Attends Party

Chainsaw Man Calmly Knocks on Door After Losing Arm

Surgeons Reattach Arm Preserved in Frozen Pastry Bag

Scientists: Climate-Change 'Time Bomb' About to Go Off

High Schooler Dies After Gym Class Quarter-Mile Run

Ex-Teacher Who Fled With Student Lover Gets 6 Years

These are the most disturbing, gruesome, and often vulgar headlines. And it’s like this every day. The headlines involving children just really disturb me. What kind of sick people do we have in this world that would kill a child? I just don’t understand. And no, I don't read the stories after reading the headline. I think some of these stories are legitimate and news worthy but others could really be left off. Me NOT knowing about these things would be perfectly fine. And seriously, isn't there any good news to report? I just may have to find another news outlet for my daily reading. Any suggestions?

No More Uploads

I spent about two hours online and on the telephone with Kodak tech support yesterday. Because of a change with either Microsoft updates or Kodak Easyshare software, I never could decipher which and I don’t think they wanted me to, I can no longer upload pictures from my camera. I get a “USB not recognized” error message. I am not very happy about it either. I’ve had this camera less than a year.

Tech Support was very nice and we tried several different options. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, then tried a couple of other things. But none worked. So they decided that maybe it’s my cable. I really don’t think so. I just uploaded pictures last week with no problem.

So now I have a camera but cannot upload my pictures. I’ll have to go to one of the Wal’s (Walmart or Walgreens) and get photos and a cd from them every time I need a picture. So no quick shots and uploads. Not much use in having a digital camera if you can’t upload them. And the funds aren’t available right now for a new one so I’ll just have to make do.

So if anyone is in the market for a camera I do not recommend a Kodak. I’ve never been satisfied with it, it eats batteries like crazy, but now this latest malfunction has turned me against the big K for good. My little Sony Sureshot was a good camera. If my daughter hadn’t dropped it I’d still be using that one.


Just Rambling...

I guess I’m just rambling right now because I really don’t have anything inspirational to post. I’ve just had a case of brain freeze lately. I did have a few pictures I was going to share but the stupid Kodak camera will not upload for some reason. USB not recognized it tells me. I’ve got to get that figured out. I may have to reinstall the software. I would have last night but it would have interrupted my Scrabble playing time. Seriously. I am so addicted to Scrabble right now. The girls were visiting at their dad’s so I had a few hours of “me” time. I don’t get that often. And rather than choosing to pick up the bazillions of toys scattered all over the house I chose to play Scrabble. I keep hoping I will get tired of it. Just like I keep hoping I will get tired of the small cheesy tots and diet Coke I get from BK almost every morning. I’ve been doing that for so many months now I forget how long it’s been. If they see me coming they just say “$2.56” when I get to the speaker and I say thanks and pull on around. Sad. But anyway, (I am so rambling) I wanted to share a cute pic of the girls dressed up for Sunday school. They were so adorable in their little dresses and purses and they even left their hair bows in. Except when they took them out and chewed on them on the way to church. When do children stop eating everything they get their hands on? And my poor babies had three shots each yesterday. Flu shot included. They started running fever late yesterday evening. We gave them Motrin (works better than Tylenol for us) but it took it a while to break. They had a rough night. I’m sure those little legs were sore too. I had 86 emails to catch up on this morning since I was off yesterday. Then I did some shopping online at Kohls. They have the most adorable children’s clothes and sometimes I just can’t resist. I hope (yes, still rambling) to take them to Portrait Innovations soon to have new pictures made. I keep waiting for my daughter to have a day off. She works most every Saturday and Sunday. I was going to let her skip a day of school but she hasn’t wanted to miss band (not an academic class mind you) since they are still learning their routines and have two competitions coming up. And why did they wait until the last minute to teach them the routines? They will start learning the last one today and have a competition this Saturday. I don’t understand why the band director waited so late. So far this morning, I have resisted the urge to play Scrabble. But I don't know how much longer I can wait.

Okay, guess I’ve rambled on enough. Don't mention paragraphs to me. Since I was rambing I figured I didn't need them. Maybe something a little more inspirational will come to me soon. Then again, maybe not.


We Miss You President Reagan

These are but a few of my favorite quotes by Ronald Reagan:

Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face.

When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat.

Welfare's purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence.

We're in greater danger today than we were the day after Pearl Harbor. Our military is absolutely incapable of defending this country.

We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.

We might come closer to balancing the budget if all of us lived closer to the Commandments and the Golden Rule.

We have the duty to protect the life of an unborn child.

We are never defeated unless we give up on God.

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Trust, but verify.

Today, if you invent a better mousetrap, the government comes along with a better mouse.

There are no easy answers but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.

The taxpayer - that's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take the civil service examination.

The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.

Recession is when a neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours.

Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book.

Peace is not absence of conflict; it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.

How can a president not be an actor?


Finally Friday

This week has actually flown by. And so has this month. It is only 96 days until Christmas. 96 Days! Can you believe it? I have already bought two gifts. That means I have about 98 to go. Ugh.

I’m addicted to online Scrabble right now. I scored 83 points with the word “printing” yesterday. I cleared my board on the first turn. I’m about 50 – 50 wins/losses against the computer.

Not really looking forward to the football game tonight since I have to work concession. I’ll be too busy to look up. I’ll miss the half time performance too. The band did okay last week. The flag girls did good until they threw their flags. The tropical breezes we were having just took them in all different directions. I think their instructor has decided to take out some of the throws before competition. I think she’s very wise to do so.

I’ve been driving the old ’94 Altima some this week since the weather is cooler (air conditioner no longer works). Even with 272,000 miles it gets better gas mileage than the truck.

The salary employees are at work today but no one else. We’ve been on a four day production schedule for quite some time now but there are usually two or three lines that have to work on Fridays. For the past couple of weeks there hasn’t been any production on Friday. It is scary. I’ve never seen it this slow and this bad in my twenty seven years of working here. The building/housing crunch has really, really hurt us too. I need my job. I have only twenty years to go before I can retire.

I’m so looking forward to the Fall Garden Show in Crystal Springs next month. I missed last year. I like to stock up on homemade jelly while I'm there.

I’m also looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend with my family. I hope everyone has a good one and enjoys a church service somewhere on Sunday.


In His Image, Not the World's

People are always asking if the twins have different personalities. Yes they do. Big Sis is very independent. She is almost always in a happy mood. She’s the boss too. Maybe it’s a birth order thing. Little Sis is more of a lap baby. She has the cutest little laugh. But she is shyer and it takes her longer to warm up to people or new places.

We are all made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27) but he made us all as individuals. No two alike. The girls are fraternal so they do not look alike. They have many similarities in their looks and personalities but they are both unique individuals. They’ve learned things at close yet different paces. We dress them alike but I’m sure as they get older and can pick out what to wear on their own, they will dress differently.

Psalm 139:14:
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Our creator had everything, I mean everything, planned out. We did not evolve from a single celled blob nor from an ape. We were created in His image by a loving, caring God. By His own hands.

Today’s society has made body image seem to be more important than “heart” image. The old saying “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” doesn’t have any meaning any more.

Bebo Norman has a new song out called “Britney”. And yes, it’s actually based on the rise and fall of THAT pop star. But as you read these lyrics, replace her name with your own daughter’s, or son’s…the world is telling them the same thing. We should remind our children that they are made in His image, not that of the world.

Britney I’m sorry for the lies we told
We took you into our arms and then left you cold
Britney I’m sorry for this cruel, cruel world
We sell the beauty but destroy the girl

Britney I’m sorry for your broken heart
We stood aside and watched you fall apart
I’m sorry we told you fame would fill you up
And money moves the man so drink the cup

I know love goes around the world we know
And you never see it coming back
You never see it coming back
I know love goes around the world we know
And you never see it coming back
But I can see it coming back for you
Yes coming back for you

Britney I’m sorry for the stones we throw
We tear you down just so we can watch the show
Britney I’m sorry for the words we say
We point the finger as you fall from grace

I know love goes around the world we know
And you never see it coming back
You never see it coming back
And I know love goes around the world we know
And you never see it coming back
But I can see it coming back for you
Yeah, its coming back for you, yeah, its coming back for you.

Britney I do believe that love has come
Here for the broken
Here for the ones like us

I know love goes around the world we know
And you never see it coming back
You never see it coming back
And I know love goes around the world we know
And you never see it coming back
But I can see it coming back Its coming back for you... yeah

Take a listen...it is actually a really good song.


Monday Meanderings

Prayers going out to those who were affected by Ike. Looks a lot like Katrina but with much fewer lives lost praise God.

The gas shortage is scary. And so are the gas prices.

Our high school football team won Friday night 51 to 20. We improved to 2 – 1. Tougher district play starts this week. The band did pretty good along with our color guard. Just have to get in a little more practice. The rain and the band director’s illness has really cut into practice time.

I can’t believe I wasted thirty minutes of my life watching “Hole in the Wall”. What an absurd show. I mean really absurd. I’m blaming it on my daughter because she’s the one who wanted to watch it. I never would have left it on that show.

We had 108 in Sunday School. Good news.

Infants’ feet can grow a whole size in six weeks.

If the Saints HAD to lose at least it was to Jason Campbell and Fred Smoot, Mississippi boys.

The cooler temperatures are absolutely wonderful. I love fall. The flowers, the fair, the football and the feel in the air. Thank you Lord!


One Life

33Miles has a song out called “One Life to Live”. It is so fitting for today’s super busy, on the go, make the most of it all and be the best society. I really don’t have to elaborate. These lyrics say it all.

He never thought he cared so much about the minute hand
Until he started praying for, a second chance
If he could only do it all again
He'd trade the long nights that he spent behind his desk
For all he missed
He tells his wife, "I wish that this moment in this room was not me dying, but just spending a little time with you."

You only get just one time around
You only get one shot at this
One chance, to find out
The one thing that you don't wanna miss
One day when it's all said and done
I hope you see that it was enough, this
One ride, one try, one life...
To love....

She never thought she cared so much about those little hands
That held on tight the day she left
Til she was scared to death
Sitting all alone on a hotel bed, the end of the road
The sun had set on her big plans
To feel young again
She picks up the phone, dials the number, hears that little voice
That's haunted every single mile, since she made that choice

You only get just one time around
Only get one shot at this
One chance, to find out
The one thing that you don't wanna miss
One day when it's all said and done
I hope you see that it was enough, this
One ride, one try, one life........
One ride, one try, one life........
To love....
To love....




For the first time in their fourteen month lives, my granddaughters were separated yesterday. Even when they were born and our baby girl wasn’t quite up to the four pounds that they required before they could go home, though her big sister was they kept her there too so they could be together and come home together.

Little sis had been running a fever since Saturday so she had to see the doctor. My husband said her big sis leaned against the door and cried when they left. That broke my heart. I don’t know if she didn’t want her sister to leave or if she thought she was going to miss out on some fun.

Fortunately, it was first year molars coming in causing the fever. I’m so glad the new pediatrician acknowledges that fever comes with cutting teeth and it’s not just an old wives tale.

As believers, isn’t it wonderful that nothing can separate us from God’s love? Paul says in Romans 8: 38-39

"For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Apart from Jesus Christ there is no hope. But with him there is no separation. Amen.


Weekend Wrap-up

It was a very busy weekend. Very busy.

It started with football Friday night. Good game. We won. The band didn’t perform though. Grrrr. They hadn’t practiced enough with the missed weather day, wet practice field and a band director with a bad back. The granddaughters had a blast at the game. They were good little girls too. We left at 9:30 since it was their bedtime and the third quarter was just starting. The 7:30 start time sure makes for late games.

The girls went to their other grandparents Saturday at noon to spend the night so I got started on my consignment sale items. I hadn’t been able to do much with two little rugrats always at my feet. It took a couple of hours to sort the items and enter everything into the consignment system. “IF” everything was to sell, and of course everything won’t, my percentage will be $609. Not bad. This company holds a fall and spring sale each year and even though it is a bit of work and a little expense it is worth it. Much better than doing a garage sale in my opinion. And they are very particular about what brands and the quality of clothing/items they take so it is a good sale for anyone looking to consign or buy children’s clothing and equipment. Here is their website if you’d like more info: http://www.bnsconsignment.com/

After I finished that, we went to Hattiesburg to eat and shop. This was a "date night" I guess since this was the first time we had been out by ourselves in ages. We had a great supper at Outback. Then found some fantastic deals at Kohls. I’m the kind of person who never seems to find a bargain but I found some of that shopping “magic” that my blogger buddy Susan speaks of this time. I was thrilled! THRILLED! Got a few Christmas presents knocked out of the way.

I heard there was a huge crowd for the Sunday School Kick Off party Saturday night. Good news. We missed it since we were on our date night.

Sunday afternoon I had to finish up my consignment items. Print tags, cut tags, iron clothes, pin on tags. Like I said, it’s work but worth it.

Needless to say, I didn’t get to watch much football like I had planned. I did see the last half of the Saints game, which was great, and most of the Colts game, which wasn’t so great.

We were also hurricane watching again this weekend. Please Ike, don’t come this way.

My baby girl has been running fever since Saturday. She has three new teeth so hopefully that is the problem…even though the doctor says that does NOT make them run fever. I disagree. My daughter always did when she cut teeth. Anyway, Nana is taking her to the doctor at 1:30 today. It has just hit me that this will be the first time the girls have been separated. They’ve never been anywhere without the other one.

So, it’s back to the work week routine. Glad to be able to get some rest…

Have a great week y’all.


My Hospitality is Wearing Thin...

Dear Evacuees,

I hope you enjoyed your stay in our little state and town and that we lived up to our nickname as “The Hospitality State”.

It has been a hectic few days. I did my best to be kind, courteous and considerate knowing what you were going through. I tried not to huff and puff in the thirty minute long Wal-Mart checkout line and offered the cashier a greeting with a smile because I’m sure she had had a long, busy day. I stopped and let a car into the line because I figured that person was a long way from home, unfamiliar with their surroundings and possibly trying to get back. I waited patiently for five minutes trying to pull out from the bread store because no one was courteous enough to stop and let me out. I did not lay down on my horn in anger when the white car pulled out in front of me. I talked to several of you at Cracker Barrel because you were looking for conversation and information and were apprehensive about your situation. When we went to lunch yesterday and they told us it would be a long wait, we politely left and went across town to another place, only to find an even longer line and longer wait. We waited patiently though. I also took the longer, slower two lane highway when I traveled because my normal route down the interstate was backed up with traffic for miles…and miles, and miles. I waved at every utility truck I passed.

But Gustav is gone now. Finally. So please, PLEASE, go back home. Drive carefully and be safe and I sincerely hope every thing will be fine when you get to your home. But, please, just go. Now.

p.s. But if Ike or Josephine or any other storms do threaten y’all again, please come back. As always, we’ll be ready and waiting with open arms.


Prayers for J. J.

For more years than I can remember, I have listened to AFR on my ride in to work. It’s about a fifty minute drive by the time I go by Burger King and get my small cheesy tots and small diet Coke so that’s my daily quiet time. I love the music and chit chat and then for the last half of my drive I listen to Focus on the Family. I’m usually bawling after listening to most of the programs, especially the personal testimonies.

J. J. Jasper has been the morning dj/personality for all those years. He tells jokes that are super corny and not always that funny but you can tell he is a caring, kind hearted, super nice guy. He always reminds us of what they (AFR) are there for…to serve our Lord. He always has a prayer for those in need, no matter what the situation.

Today, J. J. needs our prayers. He had a serious fall from a horse on Labor Day and is in the hospital. You can read more about his injuries and get updates on this blog:


Please take a minute and say a prayer for this kind man.


My Heroes!

Linemen are my heroes. Seriously. We just don't know how wonderful electricity is until we don't have it. These men and women go out before the bad weather is even over and do their jobs. And they don't stop until it's done! Thanks to our local power association as well as the others who come in to help from all over. God bless you all.