Monday Meanderings

Prayers going out to those who were affected by Ike. Looks a lot like Katrina but with much fewer lives lost praise God.

The gas shortage is scary. And so are the gas prices.

Our high school football team won Friday night 51 to 20. We improved to 2 – 1. Tougher district play starts this week. The band did pretty good along with our color guard. Just have to get in a little more practice. The rain and the band director’s illness has really cut into practice time.

I can’t believe I wasted thirty minutes of my life watching “Hole in the Wall”. What an absurd show. I mean really absurd. I’m blaming it on my daughter because she’s the one who wanted to watch it. I never would have left it on that show.

We had 108 in Sunday School. Good news.

Infants’ feet can grow a whole size in six weeks.

If the Saints HAD to lose at least it was to Jason Campbell and Fred Smoot, Mississippi boys.

The cooler temperatures are absolutely wonderful. I love fall. The flowers, the fair, the football and the feel in the air. Thank you Lord!

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