Prayers for J. J.

For more years than I can remember, I have listened to AFR on my ride in to work. It’s about a fifty minute drive by the time I go by Burger King and get my small cheesy tots and small diet Coke so that’s my daily quiet time. I love the music and chit chat and then for the last half of my drive I listen to Focus on the Family. I’m usually bawling after listening to most of the programs, especially the personal testimonies.

J. J. Jasper has been the morning dj/personality for all those years. He tells jokes that are super corny and not always that funny but you can tell he is a caring, kind hearted, super nice guy. He always reminds us of what they (AFR) are there for…to serve our Lord. He always has a prayer for those in need, no matter what the situation.

Today, J. J. needs our prayers. He had a serious fall from a horse on Labor Day and is in the hospital. You can read more about his injuries and get updates on this blog:


Please take a minute and say a prayer for this kind man.

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