Finally Friday

This week has actually flown by. And so has this month. It is only 96 days until Christmas. 96 Days! Can you believe it? I have already bought two gifts. That means I have about 98 to go. Ugh.

I’m addicted to online Scrabble right now. I scored 83 points with the word “printing” yesterday. I cleared my board on the first turn. I’m about 50 – 50 wins/losses against the computer.

Not really looking forward to the football game tonight since I have to work concession. I’ll be too busy to look up. I’ll miss the half time performance too. The band did okay last week. The flag girls did good until they threw their flags. The tropical breezes we were having just took them in all different directions. I think their instructor has decided to take out some of the throws before competition. I think she’s very wise to do so.

I’ve been driving the old ’94 Altima some this week since the weather is cooler (air conditioner no longer works). Even with 272,000 miles it gets better gas mileage than the truck.

The salary employees are at work today but no one else. We’ve been on a four day production schedule for quite some time now but there are usually two or three lines that have to work on Fridays. For the past couple of weeks there hasn’t been any production on Friday. It is scary. I’ve never seen it this slow and this bad in my twenty seven years of working here. The building/housing crunch has really, really hurt us too. I need my job. I have only twenty years to go before I can retire.

I’m so looking forward to the Fall Garden Show in Crystal Springs next month. I missed last year. I like to stock up on homemade jelly while I'm there.

I’m also looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend with my family. I hope everyone has a good one and enjoys a church service somewhere on Sunday.

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