The Blobs are Back!

Even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, they’ve been spotted.

Just a few right now. But they will multiply.

Piles of red, white, green, blue.

Christmas inflatables.

Now if you have these blow up decorations I don’t intend to offend you. I like them when they are inflated, especially the snow globe ones. But during the daytime they just lie around the yard in piles. Like Frosty after he had his melt down.

Maybe they could be placed in giant boxes that are decorated like packages. Then when the things are blown up they’d jump out like giant jack-in-the-boxes. Then they’d just sink back down into their boxes and hide during the daytime.

Or maybe they should be stored when they are not inflated.

Or maybe just leave them inflated 24-7.

Isn’t Entergy giving folks a break on their electric rate?


Life is Good

It has been the best week. I have laughed more than I have in a while. Between my blogger friends, and facebook friends/family, and co-workers and my family, they have all kept me laughing. I love to laugh. It is good medicine.

It has been a great week. I hope yours was too and that you had a few laughs.

Have a great weekend.


Frick Frack Foto Photos

I had put all of these on facebook but for those of you that missed them or arent on fb, here are a few of the pics that the wonderful, sweet, gorgeous ladies at Frick Frack Foto took. It was freezing that morning and my babies were shaking they were so cold. But they were troopers and cooperated quite nicely.


Recipe Replication

My hubby and I have been hung up on Mellow Mushroom lately. Mainly because of the bruschetta appetizer. We both LOVE that stuff. We usually don’t do well deciding on a pizza though. I like a simple, fresh veggie type pizza. He likes a meaty pizza. We’ve compromised and taken turns getting one of each on our recent visits.

We are getting a bit burnt out though…on the pizza part, not the bruschetta. So I decided I needed to just make our own bruschetta.

Now all this time I’ve been thinking that “bruschetta” was the type of bread. The only time I’ve ever heard of it was from Giada De’Laurentes and a few more Food Network stars. But it is actually the process you put Italian bread through. Grilled with garlic.

I knew I’d never find the right kind of bread around here so on the way home from Hattiesburg the other night we stopped by the really nice new grocery in Bellevue. They had a bread that worked just fine. We also needed the balsamic vinegar stuff to drizzle over the top. I had no idea what that would be. I guess the closest I’ve ever bought to something like that was pickapeppa sauce. But we lucked up there too. On the top shelf, all alone, above the vinegar, was a bottle of “balsamic glaze”. No price anywhere. I figured it might be a little pricey, $5.00 or so, but hey, we needed it. And it looked like the right stuff. I didn’t pay any attention during check out but when I got home and was writing my tickets down I looked at the price. $8.99. yikes. At least it doesn’t take much…just a drizzle. So this bottle should last a while. All other ingredients were simple. Tomatoes and Feta.

I was dying to give the recipe a try. I resisted the urge to make it for breakfast the next morning since I was the only person up. I did it that night though.

I sliced the baguette into ¼ thick pieces. I know actual bruschetta takes garlic but instead I brushed each slice with olive oil and sprinkled it with basil. Into the oven for a few minutes, until the slices were firm. Then I topped each with a spoonful each of diced tomato and Feta. And topped it all off with a drizzle of the expensive balsamic glaze. Tada! How simple was that.

I must say I was pleased. It tasted just as good Mellow Mushroom. Every slice was eaten.

And for some strange reason I thought about the replicators they use on Star Trek. Man, wouldn’t that be the easy way out. I somehow don’t think it would be as satisfying though.