The Blobs are Back!

Even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, they’ve been spotted.

Just a few right now. But they will multiply.

Piles of red, white, green, blue.

Christmas inflatables.

Now if you have these blow up decorations I don’t intend to offend you. I like them when they are inflated, especially the snow globe ones. But during the daytime they just lie around the yard in piles. Like Frosty after he had his melt down.

Maybe they could be placed in giant boxes that are decorated like packages. Then when the things are blown up they’d jump out like giant jack-in-the-boxes. Then they’d just sink back down into their boxes and hide during the daytime.

Or maybe they should be stored when they are not inflated.

Or maybe just leave them inflated 24-7.

Isn’t Entergy giving folks a break on their electric rate?


absmith said...

That's such a cool idea! I like the giftbox idea for the daytime. It sure would make a difference on how the yard inflatables are accepted in a neighborhood too. Someone could market those easily.


i'm black betty said...

entergy is the devil. they only take...never give. buncha scrooges!!! :)

hope you are having a great holiday season.


i'm black betty said...

just checking in! hope all is well! xoxo