To Do List

1. Garden show. Check.
2. New baby. Check.
3. Photo shoot with Frick Frack Foto. Check.
4. Family reunion. Check.
5. Saints whipping the Giants. Check.

This weekend the ONLY thing on my list is a band competition at Co-lin on Saturday. Easy, easy.
Oh, and some Saints on Sunday.


Off and Running

It seems like once Labor Day hits every year, the next four months are loaded down busy! This year will be no exception. But I’m looking forward to it all.

We’ve had/got birthday parties, football games, homecoming is this Saturday at Co-lin, garden show, a photo shoot, a new baby, family reunion, Trunk or Treat plus the usual Halloween night stuff, a wedding, Mistletoe Marketplace, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Not necessarily in that order. Before this Saturday I’ve got to buy a wedding shower gift, a birthday gift and a secret pal gift. Whew. At least it looks like a trip to Hattiesburg is in store. Now the best part…where to eat…hmmmm.

I’m still loving Mellow Mushroom! Their bruschetta appetizer is so delicious. Which if the redheads are with us we’ll probably end up at Raising Canes. Have to do something a little more family friendly when those two are in tow. They’re not picky about their eating but they tend to get a little loud sometimes.

I’m still wondering why sister #1 scheduled a family reunion on the Saints-Giants game day. Didn’t she know the Saints would be 4 and 0 at that time? Did she not have any confidence in our usually disappointing team? Oh well, like the baby shower I hosted, we’ll just have to leave the tv on. (don’t freak…it was strictly an all family baby shower, third baby, very informal  )

I can’t wait for the garden show. I just love to go and see all the beautiful flowers at that place. And this year Frick Frack Foto is gonna meet me there and get some shots of the redheads. I had thought I’d let the girls wear their green outfit with their little floral green high top tennis shoes but they got their new boots in yesterday and they are SO cute! I may have to come up with something to go with those. I’ll have to hit The Children’s Place and see what they have. My daughter had already found a really cute dress that would blend with their green that she’s gonna wear for a group photo. It has greens, purples and golds in it. I have the girls a purple skirt ordered that should be here any day so we may just go with that and get a shirt to match. Decisions. Decisions.

I’ll be so glad when those little squirts grow some more. They are two years and three months old. An 18 month pant or skirt falls off of them but a 12 month pant is too short. I’m really having trouble finding pants for the winter. They eat anything you put in front of them. Fruit. Veggies. Meat. Anything except a hamburger or sandwich. They just won’t eat bread yet. I guess they are just gonna be small. Their mom and dad both are small framed.

Okay. It’s only Thursday but I’m geared up for a busy weekend. Hope y’all have a good one too.


The List Grows.

It’s been a little over a year ago since I made this post. It was concerning two friends that had recently passed away (way too young in my opinion, but the Lord knows best) and I just couldn’t bring myself to delete those names from my email address book.

Their names are still there.

Now there is a third.


RIP friend. And your name will stay in my address book also so that every time I scroll and see it I will be reminded of your bright Spirit and kind words and know that you are in a better place without pain or sorrow or struggles.



My husband is a quiet man. Very quiet. In a way that's a good thing because when he does talk he talks very low and my hearing just ain't what it used to be and I'm constantly saying "what? what?".

We had to go to Jackson this morning. He was having a colonoscopy. This is our entire conversation on the trip up there (keep in mind I'm driving):

(about 15 minutes into the trip) Slow down. SLOW DOWN.

I am. I know how to drive.

Well you were flying and I've had a wreck here before.

I'm a better driver than you too.

(about an hour later) Tell me where to turn.

It's up here. Right here. Right HERE. HERE. HERE.

The procedure went very quickly and everything was fine. After they called me back the nurse told him to try to pass some gas. When she walked out he passed a really big one! For some reason an alarm went off on the monitor he was attached to right at that time. He was still wild eyed from the anesthesia and said "man, it made the alarm go off". Uh, no, I said. I don't think they have a big need for a fart alarm.

He slept all the way home.

I sang with the radio.