To Do List

1. Garden show. Check.
2. New baby. Check.
3. Photo shoot with Frick Frack Foto. Check.
4. Family reunion. Check.
5. Saints whipping the Giants. Check.

This weekend the ONLY thing on my list is a band competition at Co-lin on Saturday. Easy, easy.
Oh, and some Saints on Sunday.


i'm black betty said...

those twins are so frickin' cute. pictures don't do them justice. they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! i could have spent the whole day with y'all. so sorry the visit was short. we need to meet up again. :)

i'm black betty said...

your CD is going in the mail this afternoon. :)

i'm black betty said...

did you get your CD yet??? :D

tank said...

Not yet. Hopefully today though!

Jen said...

I want to see the pictures that BB did!!!! Post some :) haha