The List Grows.

It’s been a little over a year ago since I made this post. It was concerning two friends that had recently passed away (way too young in my opinion, but the Lord knows best) and I just couldn’t bring myself to delete those names from my email address book.

Their names are still there.

Now there is a third.


RIP friend. And your name will stay in my address book also so that every time I scroll and see it I will be reminded of your bright Spirit and kind words and know that you are in a better place without pain or sorrow or struggles.


dhcoop said...

I just pulled up my blog and her pic is there as one of my followers. No way I'm deleting that smiling face anytime soon.

i'm black betty said...

i GREAT friend of mine passed away a month before i delivered the diva. cancer consumed her tired body in less than 12 months. i STILL have her email and phone number saved in my phone.

i will never delete it...ever.

so sorry to hear about your friend. god bless the family.