Be on the lookout...

For items similar to this...

This is a crystal gem tealight holder from Hobby Lobby. But this little thing is $49.99. YIKES! I'd like similar items to incorporate into the table centerpieces. I just can't go $50 per table. If you see any while out shopping let me know where. I've surfed the net and haven't had much luck.

The local wedding rental place has the tall ones we may rent for the buffet tables (which are $20 just to rent). We like to pull that look into the eight guest tables.

Things are slowly coming together. Thanks for your advice, hints, suggestions, and help.


Next Question

I would love to find clear plates w/cup holders similar to this for the reception:

These plates are actually made to accommodate stemmed glasses. I will have the regular clear cups. These may work for that but I'm just not sure. I've looked at the website and it doesn't say.

Has anyone seen such? Any suggestions on where to look/buy the tableware?



No Replacement

Oh, how I miss my cheesy tots.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve tried some other breakfast items.

First of all nothing else can be eaten safely and comfortably while I drive. I’ve been trying not to eat at my desk to keep from leaving any crumbs behind that might attract more rodents than we already have.

First up, I tried a McDonald’s sausage biscuit. I like mustard on a sausage biscuit. Strange, I know. But, McD’s doesn’t have mustard! Plus, I had to eat a crumbly biscuit at my desk and by the time I got through all my lipstick is gone. I at least want the lipstick to last until lunch time.

I tried a McDonald’s sausage burrito. Yuck. Just yuck.

I tried tater tots with cheese from Sonic. It just isn’t the same having cheese on the outside rather than the inside. And I couldn’t eat them while I was driving and it was way too much food. My surgically altered stomach can’t take in that much at a time.

I got an apple fritter from the Donut Palace this morn. I knew I was messing up but just couldn’t think of anything else. Talk about sugar overload. And it was way too much also.

I think I’ll be better off just eating a pack of nabs.

*sigh* How I miss that perfect little six piece portion that I could safely and neatly eat while driving and without taking away the lipstick. That creamy, cheesy goodness.
Nothing can take the place of my cheesy tots.


Check One Off the List

The dress is ordered.

It was very easy (except on my wallet). She tried on two dresses and number two was it.

Have you ever watched that show on TLC, "Say Yes to the Dress"? Wow. Those women can take hours and try on hundreds of dressed it seems. I was fearing that scenario. But it wasn't anything like that thank goodness.

The dress is beautiful. Perfect for her. We got it from The Bridal Path and it is from the Allure Couture collection.

It will take four to five months to come in they say. gulp. Let's pray it's more like four because five would be putting us way too close to that June 19th date.

Y'all may get tired of reading about this wedding. Sorry! This is my only child so I hope it will be perfect! And remember, if you think of or see any neat or unique ideas or websites let me know!


The First Question (and I'm sure there will be many more)

At my church, the usual custom for the reception is basically standing room only. That is, tables are not set up for people to sit and eat. I've seen this at other weddings so this may be standard procedure.

We would like to have some tables set up.

The question is, how many?

We have large families, me, my husband, the groom, so we are planning for 150 people. I'm the kind of person that would always rather have way too much than too little.

So, is it okay if we only set up, say 8 or 10 tables?
Each table seats six. The more tables, the more the cost. Tablecloths, centerpieces, chair covers.
Or, do we have to try and accomdate all 150 people?

Oh, we are serving cake of course and a few more finger foods, not a full meal.

The Wedding Planner

My daughter and fiancé have set their wedding date. June 19th.

I’m totally stressing already.

I’ve been waking up around 2:30 or 3:00 every night and have stuff whirling through my mind. I usually fall back asleep around 6:00 or so. So much for falling back asleep now. I have to get up and go to work.

At least we have settled on a date and place. I finally convinced her the church would be so much easier on us even though she is freaking out about the ugly purple carpet and big black asphalt parking lot with no landscaping. I told her people would be focusing on them, not those things.

I think we have the décor planner out. She will use hydrangeas as her main flower. It will be kind of a garden theme. Not overly formal.

But I would love to hear any and all suggestions and ideas you all have. If you’ve seen something pretty or unique at a wedding let me know. If you have suggestions on where to buy items (such as an aisle runner) we are all open. Decorating tips, ceremony tips (I do LOVE the unity sand rather than candles), reception food. Good websites for purchases or etiquette questions. ANYTHING will help!!!

We are going dress shoppping tomorrow. I hope I don't go into sticker shock.

Thanks bunches!