Check One Off the List

The dress is ordered.

It was very easy (except on my wallet). She tried on two dresses and number two was it.

Have you ever watched that show on TLC, "Say Yes to the Dress"? Wow. Those women can take hours and try on hundreds of dressed it seems. I was fearing that scenario. But it wasn't anything like that thank goodness.

The dress is beautiful. Perfect for her. We got it from The Bridal Path and it is from the Allure Couture collection.

It will take four to five months to come in they say. gulp. Let's pray it's more like four because five would be putting us way too close to that June 19th date.

Y'all may get tired of reading about this wedding. Sorry! This is my only child so I hope it will be perfect! And remember, if you think of or see any neat or unique ideas or websites let me know!


Susan said...

Hearing about weddings is fun, as long as I'm not the one stressing about it! Glad she found the perfect dress. Chances are it'll come in early, they tell you 5 months to cover their own rear.

Anonymous said...
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parrotmom said...

that is great. I am sure you are correct on the pocket book.