The Wedding Planner

My daughter and fiancé have set their wedding date. June 19th.

I’m totally stressing already.

I’ve been waking up around 2:30 or 3:00 every night and have stuff whirling through my mind. I usually fall back asleep around 6:00 or so. So much for falling back asleep now. I have to get up and go to work.

At least we have settled on a date and place. I finally convinced her the church would be so much easier on us even though she is freaking out about the ugly purple carpet and big black asphalt parking lot with no landscaping. I told her people would be focusing on them, not those things.

I think we have the décor planner out. She will use hydrangeas as her main flower. It will be kind of a garden theme. Not overly formal.

But I would love to hear any and all suggestions and ideas you all have. If you’ve seen something pretty or unique at a wedding let me know. If you have suggestions on where to buy items (such as an aisle runner) we are all open. Decorating tips, ceremony tips (I do LOVE the unity sand rather than candles), reception food. Good websites for purchases or etiquette questions. ANYTHING will help!!!

We are going dress shoppping tomorrow. I hope I don't go into sticker shock.

Thanks bunches!


i'm black betty said...


Susan said...

I'm the last person to offer advice. I didn't care a bit about that stuff when I planned mine, I let other people worry about it. I did use a gnome in my decor, if that helps... =) And no, I'm not even remotely kidding. It's in quite a few of the wedding pictures! As are the flamingos and several Mickey Mouses.

Susan said...

And where are you going dress shopping? I bought mine at David's, but my BFF Jen got hers at Imaginations in Brookhaven and they had some seriously beautiful gowns. And there's a new Alfred Angelo store out by Northpark Mall now.

tank said...

Susan, gnomes, flamingos! I'd say you had a unique wedding. I'd love to see your pics.
We are going to The Bridal Path. I'm afraid of their prices though. We've been to David's and I like their prices. She just didn't find "her" dress there though.
Imaginations is right here at me! I had totally forgot about them. We will definitely have to look there on the way home.

Susan said...

The Bridal Path and Imaginations will have a lot of the same stuff, and you should be afraid of the price tags! But ultimately you're probably going to end up spending it when she puts on that perfect dress. My perfect dress just happened to be at Davids and on closeout. =) I don't think we spent $1,000 total for our entire wedding, including the dress. But we had a whole lot of volunteer help, including my mom's cousin, the florist, who did all the flowers for free. And we go the cake for free. And the reception was a combo of Sam's Club and pot luck from the ladies at Mom's church!

Alice said...

hydrangeas-how pretty!