Potty training continues...

We haven’t gotten just full time serious about potty training yet but we do work on it.

Only bad thing, since I took a picture of each of the girls’ first poops and made a big deal out of it, they think we are suppose to make a picture every time they poop now. They start saying “make picture of it” and pointing to it. I’m doing it to appease them…but I really have enough poop pictures. I can’t just “pretend” to make a picture because they want to see it on the camera after I snap.

If they are smart enough to know all that, they should be smart enough to start using the potty, wouldn’t you think?


New Shoes

We just couldn't resist getting the girls these shoes from The Children's Place this weekend. Also got a green plaid skirt and matching hair bows and a green top to complete the outift. The green looks good with their red hair. I LOVE that store!

I'll get pics of the entire outfit when they wear them. I can't wait for cooler weather so they can wear their new fall clothes.


Wedding Entrance

I was turned on to this video by Lauren. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing it on my blog.

Dog Days

I’ve been in a rather…I don’t know what kind of mood lately. somber. stressed. depressed. disheartened. irritated. regrettable. I guess it’s just a mixture of emotions. I don’t like it. I’m trying to climb out of it. I started by going to church last night and facing the giant black asphalt jungle. That has been the thorn in my side for a week now.

I am so disappointed that the green spaces for landscaping and shrubbery are almost nil. During the committee meetings I fought as hard as possible for greenery. The majority of the men didn’t want any. More maintenance they said. I thought we had settled on a good balance. I thought like Lit I guess (hopefully, all of you know ‘bout Lit). The other eyesore; the walkway up to the front entry is off-centered. I am ocd and things like this drive me crazy. CRAZY. I’m hoping this part will be fixed. We’ll see. My opinion may not mean too much. I am only a WOMAN after all. It may be something I’ll just have to live with. Last night was my first step in dealing with it all. The aesthetics. The men on the committee I’m aggravated with. I felt better than I thought I would. I’m praying for guidance and control of my tongue.

I’ve also spent a lot of time on the phone trying to get my daughter’s class schedule to fit her needs better. We just didn’t think it through very well before registration. We pretty much let the counselor do her classes. But with her commuting, it ended up with her having tons of spare time between all of her classes. That meant hanging out in the library, finding a friend with a dorm room that would be willing to let her hang out there, or riding around wasting gas. Then she has to be there for colorguard at 3:15. After thinking, calling, rearranging, calling, going online, calling, I think we finally made it. She’ll be taking two online classes. She’ll have her other two classes at 1st and 3rd period. Even though it’s a good little drive, she can come home and then go back for band. Or hopefully, she can work a lot of those days. The restaurant is open from 11:00 until 2:00 so that will give her time to change and get to band practice. We’ll know all this stuff next semester.

Thankfully we don’t have to worry about tuition. Full band scholarship, partial ACT scholarship, a nice pell grant and hopefully M-TAG (got to check the status on that one).

On Tuesday, my half pit bull came up missing. She was confined because as she’s got older, she has become more aggressive. She would go to the neighbor’s houses and jump on their pets. One of them she mangled severely. So I had to wait and hope I didn’t get a phone call from an angry neighbor. She came back home yesterday. Thankfully. No calls yet so maybe she didn’t attack any other animals. And for those of you wondering, I didn’t seek out a pit bull. She found us. Some uncaring person dumped her out several years ago (about eight). She came to our house and I couldn’t turn her away.

Next, finances. Since my daughter graduated we have lost $600 monthly income. We are having to adjust. Considerably. Even though we knew this day was coming, it was hard to plan for it. We have gone into “pinch a penny” mode. Not fun. But we’ll survive.

I’m going to blame all this chaos on dog days. What else could it be?


Prayers for JJ, again.

It's been less than a year ago that I asked for prayers for JJ Jasper, AFR morning personality, who was thrown from a horse and was in the hospital for several weeks with some severe injuries. Today, the prayers are even more urgent and the story much more tragic.

JJ's son, five year old, Cooper, was killed in a go-kart accident. His funeral is today.

Here is more info.

My heart just breaks for them but I know the Lord will not put more on them than they can handle.


Birthday Party Luau

I know it has taken me forever to get some pics posted but here they are...finally.


End to End

I opened a new loaf of bread this morning to fix myself a sandwich for lunch. As we always do, I passed by the end piece and got the next two pieces of bread.

And then I wondered, why don't we just throw out the end piece to begin with??? But no, it stays in there and every time we get bread we pass it by and get the next piece. Then we make sure it fits nicely back in its place before tying the bread wrapper back up. It'll stay in there until it meets the other end piece. When that happens, we'll take both end pieces and throw them outside for the dogs or birds or whatever finds it first. Crazy.

So, do you all do that too or do you eat the end pieces or do you throw the first end piece out as soon as the bread is opened?


Rain, rain

FINALLY! We got some rain last night. I don't know how much but we had mud puddles in the driveway this morning. I'm sure it was no where near the amount needed to replenish the earth after the severe drought we've had but I'll take any little drop that comes down.

The last rain we had was Memorial Day weekend.

This was Fourth of July weekend.

I hope the Lord isn't thinking we only need rain on holidays.

Labor Day is a long way off.



Yeah! Today is my Friday this week. I’m so looking forward to the three day weekend even though I have absolutely nothing planned. I actually wish it would storm all weekend. Sorry guys that are planning on grilling/swimming/picnicking. But we haven’t had a drop of rain since Memorial weekend. Not a DROP. That’s going on six weeks without rain. We’ve been watering our patio garden and some flowers but they still look rough. I guess the hot days are just scorching them. I see our biggest chance for rain is 30% on Sunday night and Monday. I even suggested we give our preacher a raise. He really liked that idea.

Well, Mother made it home on Tuesday. That was a long two weeks. She’s still a bit weak but is doing good. She is one tough lady. When she went in that Tuesday the doc gave us the worse news possible with an approximate death timeline. She showed him. Her doc was truly amazed. This is the second time she’s been near death and has pulled through. I hope I have a few of those tough Maxwell genes.

My great nephew had to have surgery on Tuesday. They pulled a one inch foreign bone out of his foot. Yuck! One disadvantage of swimming in a creek. They had tried to dig it out at the ER but couldn’t. They had to put him to sleep. They gave the bone to him to keep.

We had a fantastic birthday party luau last Saturday evening. The redheads got so many nice gifts. I will post some pics, hopefully this weekend. With all this going on with Mother I just haven’t had time.

Have a safe and happy Fourth everyone.