Yeah! Today is my Friday this week. I’m so looking forward to the three day weekend even though I have absolutely nothing planned. I actually wish it would storm all weekend. Sorry guys that are planning on grilling/swimming/picnicking. But we haven’t had a drop of rain since Memorial weekend. Not a DROP. That’s going on six weeks without rain. We’ve been watering our patio garden and some flowers but they still look rough. I guess the hot days are just scorching them. I see our biggest chance for rain is 30% on Sunday night and Monday. I even suggested we give our preacher a raise. He really liked that idea.

Well, Mother made it home on Tuesday. That was a long two weeks. She’s still a bit weak but is doing good. She is one tough lady. When she went in that Tuesday the doc gave us the worse news possible with an approximate death timeline. She showed him. Her doc was truly amazed. This is the second time she’s been near death and has pulled through. I hope I have a few of those tough Maxwell genes.

My great nephew had to have surgery on Tuesday. They pulled a one inch foreign bone out of his foot. Yuck! One disadvantage of swimming in a creek. They had tried to dig it out at the ER but couldn’t. They had to put him to sleep. They gave the bone to him to keep.

We had a fantastic birthday party luau last Saturday evening. The redheads got so many nice gifts. I will post some pics, hopefully this weekend. With all this going on with Mother I just haven’t had time.

Have a safe and happy Fourth everyone.

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