A volunteer by my patio.


My Fantasy...

I'm sitting at home
(shut up. It's MY fantasy and I'm a homebody remember.
I'd get homesick on an island or beach or where ever)...

...eating cheesy tots...

...with Jack Bauer

...while Jason Castro serenades us with "Hallelujah". *sigh*


Easter 2009

I am finally getting around to posting my Easter pictures.

The girls loved the Easter Bunny at the church egg hunt. They weren't scared at all.

I hate I didn't get any better pictures of them getting their baskets. The baskets were so cute. But I had woke them up much earlier than they are used to and had to kinda rush them to get their baskets and get ready for church for early service. They were so droopy, their mom and me were making sure they didn't fall out of the dining chairs while my husband filmed.

They absolutely loved their sunshades. They would not take them off and wore them to church. They stayed in the sanctuary (actually we had service in the fellowship hall since all utility lines had been cut due to parking lot renovations) and were very good. They wore their shades almost the entire time.

They love their Pawpaw! Still got the shades on after church.

They are holding their monkey slippers they got in their baskets. I thought for sure they could keep them on their feet because they have play high heels and run all over the place in those. Flip flops are a different story though. Right now the slippers are hidden because we got tired of hearing "put it on" over and over and over and putting the slippers back on their feet over and over and over. They'll be a little older before they get any more flip flop type shoes.

Just being silly after hunting eggs that afternoon!


Can It Get Any Worse?

The Potty Dance commercial has absolutely nothing on BK's new Sponge Bob kid's meal commercial. How creepy and insane. As if the king isn't scary enough by himself.


Barney...friend or foe

It’s like I’m reliving a childhood nightmare…the redheads are HOOKED on Barney. I went through this about 16 ½ years ago, when my child was old enough to actually sit still long enough to watch television. Barney was just coming out and getting popular. But it was the ONLY show she would sit and watch. For hours. So, Barney became my best baby sitter.

Now it’s the only show the redheads will sit and watch. Big Sis will watch a little of Handy Manny but it doesn’t hold her attention like the purple dinosaur does.

We started out letting them watch a dvd on the den tv but that got old for us adults quick. We had to get control of our tv again. So my husband drug out the old vhs player and an old tv we’ve had for about twenty years and set it up in their room. We got my daughter’s vhs tapes out and even got the redhead’s daddy’s old vhs tapes. Yes, he watched Barney too. I guess it is instilled in their blood.

They always want someone to sit on the bed with them and watch. I have watched hours upon hours of Barney in the past three or so weeks. I can recall every little ditty that they sang when my daughter was little. I just don’t know how much more I can take though!!! Here lately, I’ve been trying to explain to them that I need to do things or need to watch the weather or whatever. It is getting easier to slip out and easier for them to stay in their room by themselves and watch it. I love spending time with my angels but there’s only so much Barney an adult can take.

I love you,
You love me,
We’re a happy family
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,
Won’t you say you love me too.


More TyTy

I went back to the TyTy Nursery website to make sure I hadn't missed the persimmon tree Coop had commented about. Yes, I had seen that one. But here's a funny picture I did miss:

So, is the man going to shoot the cows if they try to steal his nuts? Or did he shoot the squirrels and steal their nuts to feed to the cows? And I like the way the cows appear to be "floating". Kinda like a 3-D effect.

But my biggest question is...WHAT kind of tree are they trying to sell?


Beautiful Tree, Beautiful People...Huh?

I've seen this gorgeous tree around town in front of a couple of businesses. Bright green, small leaves with a beautiful weeping form. I want one. So I called one of those businesses, which is a florist, and asked them what kind of tree it was. A drake elm. I wanted to look up height, planting zone, etc. I found this site and this picture:

Isn't it a beautiful tree?

And please tell me WHAT those almost "nekkid" people have to do with trees? They have other very peculiar pictures on their site. Like these:

Oh yeah. That really makes me want to buy that Magnolia.

And a few pine trees too.
And this is a regular nursery! Look at their site: http://www.tytyga.com/category/Elm+Trees

I'm just wondering if that helps them sell more trees. You reckon?