Easter 2009

I am finally getting around to posting my Easter pictures.

The girls loved the Easter Bunny at the church egg hunt. They weren't scared at all.

I hate I didn't get any better pictures of them getting their baskets. The baskets were so cute. But I had woke them up much earlier than they are used to and had to kinda rush them to get their baskets and get ready for church for early service. They were so droopy, their mom and me were making sure they didn't fall out of the dining chairs while my husband filmed.

They absolutely loved their sunshades. They would not take them off and wore them to church. They stayed in the sanctuary (actually we had service in the fellowship hall since all utility lines had been cut due to parking lot renovations) and were very good. They wore their shades almost the entire time.

They love their Pawpaw! Still got the shades on after church.

They are holding their monkey slippers they got in their baskets. I thought for sure they could keep them on their feet because they have play high heels and run all over the place in those. Flip flops are a different story though. Right now the slippers are hidden because we got tired of hearing "put it on" over and over and over and putting the slippers back on their feet over and over and over. They'll be a little older before they get any more flip flop type shoes.

Just being silly after hunting eggs that afternoon!


dhcoop said...

How cute!

whoME? said...

they are ADORABLE! :) Looks like Easter was a load of fun!

i'm black betty said...

absolutely precious!!!