Things I can do when the last grandbaby is older...

I can finally remove the ugly foam rubber corner protectors on my entertainment stand and granite fireplace hearth.

I can put all my pretty whatnots back on my end tables.
I can have a coffee table.

I can have a new couch in any color I want.
I can trade in the rocking chair for a nice lounge chair.

I can get rid of the baby bed and changing table and have a guest room that isn’t so crowded.
I can clean out all the extra sets of clothes I have in my drawers and closets for those emergencies or unexpected sleepovers.

I can get rid of the little toilet training seat and step stool in the bathroom.
I can go to the bathroom without someone in there with me.

I can throw away all the toys that stay scattered all over my floors.
I can get rid of all the sippy cups and baby forks and spoons.

Things I can’t do when the last grandbaby is older…

I can’t watch a little girl dancing in front of the television.
I can’t skip dusting all of the whatnots.

I can’t walk past the coffee table without snagging my little toe.
I can’t make up my mind on a couch.

I can’t hold and rock a baby while singing “You are My Sunshine”.
I can’t walk into the guest room and see a baby in that crib holding up arms and smiling because she knows I’ll get her out.

I can’t feel a tiny, warm body next to mine or have little feet in my face because I won’t have any extra clothes for those unexpected sleepovers.
I won’t see any clapping hands or beaming smile when they show me #2 in the potty.

I won’t have anyone to talk to while I’m in the bathroom.  My husband doesn’t find that fun for some reason.
I won’t throw away all the toys or sippy cups or little forks and spoons because some of them are special.  Some of them belonged to mommy or big sisters or they were a gift from a family member or special friend.

And who knows when there will be a great grandbaby that might need them.