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I would love to find clear plates w/cup holders similar to this for the reception:

These plates are actually made to accommodate stemmed glasses. I will have the regular clear cups. These may work for that but I'm just not sure. I've looked at the website and it doesn't say.

Has anyone seen such? Any suggestions on where to look/buy the tableware?


Mrs.H said...

We order a lot of our church kitchen supplies from Newell Paper. http://www.newellpaper.com/index.html

If they deliver to Agricola, I bet they'll deliver to your area, too. Give them a call and see if they have what you're looking for. It can't hurt. Or check with some churches in your area to see where they get their stuff. They might can add it to one of their orders and you pay the invoice.

Susan said...

I had some exactly like what you are describing, courtesy of Party City. If you don't have one nearby I'll be glad to check the ones here in Jackson to see what they have!

tank said...

Thanks Susan. We don't have anything nearby! But I plan on making a trip to Jackson in the next couple of weeks so I can look then.

i'm black betty said...

those are cool! i have no suggestions. i was married so long ago, i have no clue! ha!

love ya. mean it.