My husband is a quiet man. Very quiet. In a way that's a good thing because when he does talk he talks very low and my hearing just ain't what it used to be and I'm constantly saying "what? what?".

We had to go to Jackson this morning. He was having a colonoscopy. This is our entire conversation on the trip up there (keep in mind I'm driving):

(about 15 minutes into the trip) Slow down. SLOW DOWN.

I am. I know how to drive.

Well you were flying and I've had a wreck here before.

I'm a better driver than you too.

(about an hour later) Tell me where to turn.

It's up here. Right here. Right HERE. HERE. HERE.

The procedure went very quickly and everything was fine. After they called me back the nurse told him to try to pass some gas. When she walked out he passed a really big one! For some reason an alarm went off on the monitor he was attached to right at that time. He was still wild eyed from the anesthesia and said "man, it made the alarm go off". Uh, no, I said. I don't think they have a big need for a fart alarm.

He slept all the way home.

I sang with the radio.


i'm black betty said...

LOVE it! dat's funnah rite der...

i hope he has a better weekend! oh, and times like these are when you sing your heart out on the drive. i find that juice newton is fun to sing along with...ha!

so, oct. 17th is gettin' closer!!!!!!! yah!!! LD

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