Frick Frack Foto Photos

I had put all of these on facebook but for those of you that missed them or arent on fb, here are a few of the pics that the wonderful, sweet, gorgeous ladies at Frick Frack Foto took. It was freezing that morning and my babies were shaking they were so cold. But they were troopers and cooperated quite nicely.


Jen said...

oh my gosh, they are so darn cute!!! :) BB & Alice did a good job but then the subjects were easy to work with :) I will go check out more on FB!

i'm black betty said...

thank you for posting, love! i'm sooooo sorry it was freezing outside. they were such great sports and beautiful, nonetheless.

we will get some more in the spring/summer when it's warm, if you like.

GrammarGirl said...

That lollipop picture is so sweet! I love them all.