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My favorite news outlet is Fox News, on tv and online. But sometimes their latest news headlines on the web can be so disturbing I feel like I may need to change. The following headlines and stories were all posted today AT THE SAME TIME:

Mom Tells Cops Icy Bodies in Freezer Are Her Kids

Cops: Pastor's 'Heaven Spa' Concealed Whore House

NFL Player Paralyzed, Has Leg Amputated

Man Found Guilty in Baby's Hair Dryer Beating

168 Crushed to Death in Temple Stampede- PHOTO ESSAY: (Warning: Graphic Content)

The End Is Near: U.S. Can't Stop 'Doomsday Machine'

Father Kills Sex Offender Who Broke Into Home

Bride's Water Breaks but Finishes Wedding, Attends Party

Chainsaw Man Calmly Knocks on Door After Losing Arm

Surgeons Reattach Arm Preserved in Frozen Pastry Bag

Scientists: Climate-Change 'Time Bomb' About to Go Off

High Schooler Dies After Gym Class Quarter-Mile Run

Ex-Teacher Who Fled With Student Lover Gets 6 Years

These are the most disturbing, gruesome, and often vulgar headlines. And it’s like this every day. The headlines involving children just really disturb me. What kind of sick people do we have in this world that would kill a child? I just don’t understand. And no, I don't read the stories after reading the headline. I think some of these stories are legitimate and news worthy but others could really be left off. Me NOT knowing about these things would be perfectly fine. And seriously, isn't there any good news to report? I just may have to find another news outlet for my daily reading. Any suggestions?

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