That 70's Show

That’s our band’s program this year. The songs sure bring back a lot of memories. How many do you remember and who sings them?

That’s the Way I Like It
The Love You Save
I Want You Back
Free Bird

This is my first year as a band mom so I’m learning what it’s all about. My daughter is in the color guard along with 21 other beautiful girls. We are a 4A school but have a little small band. I think the previous band director wasn’t well liked by the students so they dropped out of band. But for a small group I think they do pretty good. One of the seniors does a trumpet solo and then gets on the electric guitar for Free Bird. Yeah, an electric guitar in a marching band. A first for me too. But this guy does an excellent job. He always gets a huge round of applause.

I went to my first competition this past weekend. Our color guard got a 1 which is the best score from what I understand and the rest of the band got 2’s. We have another competition this Saturday. Maybe the band will improve with another week of practice.

The band t-shirts are really neat (though I'm glad they are wearing uniforms for performances now, much nicer). This is my friend Tina showing the back of them:

And this is my daughter (left) and a friend:

And another friend joins them:

Oh yeah, I bet you'll be going around all day with "That's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it" in your head!

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Jen said...

oh my gosh! WE DID FREE BIRD when I was in high school! heh. I was in the color guard/flag corr, whatever you wana call it. I LOVED doing Flag. I sucked at marching & sucked at playing my clarinet! Flag was much better an option for me!

Your daughter is beautiful! Can't wait to see the new pics! Portrait Innovations does a GREAT job!