Shopping Weather

Cool, rainy weather always puts me in a shopping mood. I guess the cooler air reminds me of Christmas. And in Mississippi, you never know when we will have these nice cool days. We may run the heater on the way to work in the mornings and turn on the AC on the way home. Now I’ll have to go shopping tomorrow to find the girls a long sleeved shirt to wear under their pumpkin costumes since it will be much cooler next week according to the latest forecast. I already had short sleeved shirts ready but they won’t work now.

And it is only 61 days until Christmas so the shopping frenzy will begin in about a month or less. Believe it or not, I have already picked up three Christmas gifts. That’s early for me. I’m not a Christmas Eve shopper but I usually don’t get started until Black Friday. I don’t always do the Black Friday shopping trip every year but I wait and see if there is anything that is worth the hassle of getting up early and fighting the crowds. If we do go, I have learned to take my time and enjoy it and not get stressed out. We shop a little and then eat a nice breakfast somewhere. We did go to Hattiesburg last year and will probably do it again this year. Thank goodness I work for a company that gives us that day as a holiday. I’ve already received a couple of emails from my favorite Black Friday website: www.bfads.net. They try to get the jump on the ads so we can plan our shopping. Sign up.

This weather may stay cool a few days and then warm back up. We usually have a couple of months in the fall where the air/heat isn’t running full time and get some relief on an electric bill or two. I well remember my sister and me wearing shorts on Christmas day years ago. And right after I got married, we had a live tree and I put real candy canes on it. The weather got so hot and humid the candy canes melted and dripped all over my presents.

So I guess for now I’ll enjoy this nice, cooler weather because next weekend it could be back up in the nineties. But I love this Mississippi weather. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


i'm black betty said...

i LOVE this weather...especially now that i'm pregnant. :)

have fun shopping!!!

Jen said...

True story! :) I love this weather, too. Have fun shopping for the girls...I would be broke with those 2 cuties running around. I have a hard time having a kid around & not buying them cute clothes.