La La Land

I do not like taking medication of any kind. Thank goodness I do not have to take any daily meds, except for some vitamins required by my gastric bypass surgery. Unfortunately, I do not even take those. I know I need to start though.

Sunday morning I was putting Lil Sis down from the changing table. I felt a "ripple" across my lower back and then intense pain that made me gasp. Literally, it took my breath away. I've pulled a muscle in my back before but this time it was much worse. I suffered through Sunday night, was tempted to go to the ER but insurance made me wait until I could get to Statcare the next morning. I trust the doctors there more than an ER doc anyway.

The pain was so intense I was more than willing to take the meds they loaded me up with; a nice steroid shot to the buttocks, an anti-inflammatory, pain killer and muscle relaxer. When I take all of those I go straight to La La Land for a few hours. But it sure is some good sleeping and all the meds have improved by back tremendously.

I hate not being able to help with the grandbabies. They don't understand why Mamaw can't pick them up either.

I'll try to make it at work tomorrow. We'll just see how it goes. I'll load up on all the medication one more time tonight and drift away...to La La Land once again.


Mrs.H said...

be careful, you don't want to make it worse. And back pain is the worst!

Jen said...

oH bless you! I can only imagine the pain! I slept on my arm wrong 2 nights ago & my shoulder still won't allow me to lift my right arm above my head so I CAN ONLY IMAGINE THE BACK PAIN! ugh. makes me hurt thinking about it. Hope it heals quick & you feel better soon!

Jen said...

heck yea, I will be your personal shopper LOL! I love to shop, wish I had bookooodles of money to shop. But, that isn't happening!

Plus, I don't buy anything unless it is ON SALE! :0) heh..

Mom & I were trying to find a baby gift at Belk. NOT happening! I do NOT like their newborn/3 months clothes, we couldn't find anything decent,plus SO high on price. Now, the 12 mos & up, HECK YEA! Still high in price.

i'm black betty said...

i am so sorry. i have a problem with pulling the muscle in my shoulder blade while washing my hair in the shower. i do this every three months are so...

hope you feel better SOON!!!