Saturday Shopping Trip

My daughter and I took a quick shopping trip to Hattiesburg this morning. I don’t know why but I couldn’t hardly get to sleep last night thinking about what all I needed to look for today. Of course, the twins require a new wardrobe every six months so they needed several more things for winter. A neutral colored, button up sweater was on the list. I have a couple of beige ones on order from The Children’s Place but they have not shipped yet. I had hoped to find them in town and cancel that order. But all I saw were beige with some type of adornment or pattern in either pink or red on it. Guess I’ll have to wait on the ones I have ordered.

Same thing on the heavy coat. I have white ones ordered (I prefer a tan but couldn’t find one) but found an excellent deal on two nice, heavy pink ones at Belk. I got those. Pink will just HAVE to go with everything. I came home to cancel my order and they had shipped today. I can take those back to Target though when they come in. Or maybe I’ll wait and see if I like the white ones better than the pink ones.

They also needed black or green tights and long sleeved shirt to wear under their pumpkin costume. We stopped in The Halloween Store and came out with two pink leopard costumes instead. They were only $12.99 so I figured that would work just as well as buying tights/shirts especially since the pumpkins had been given to us so no money out there. I’m just waiting on the girls to get home from their other grandparents house to make sure the leopard costumes fit. If not, back to the pumpkins and the hunt for tights/shirts and the leopards will be put up until next year. Whew, even Halloween can become complicated with two little ones to deal with.

We found adorable Christmas dresses. Grabbed two before they are all gone. I’ve learned not to wait. We got some good deals on a couple of play outfits at Kohls and my daughter found several things on sale there too. I love that store!

We had some good bourbon chicken from JJ’s Cajun Grill in the mall and then headed home.

I’ve been watching a lot of QVC this afternoon. They have Christmas decorations and such today. The shopping season is about to pick up full speed with Christmas just right around the corner. I’m sure people will really be looking for bargains this year with the tight economy. I know I will. But this year should be so much fun with my family. The girls will be old enough to open and enjoy their gifts. I only hope we can keep them from tearing the tree down….hmmm, any suggestions?


Jen said...

I have seen baby gates all around the tree...hehe! If you are seriously that worried about it. With two, you will have your hands full & working double duty on the yelling of "Don't touch" "Be carefuL" haha Good luck!

Glad yall found some good deals! I hope to see the girls pictures from Halloween in those adorable outfits.

i'm black betty said...

glad you found some good stuff. hubby and i will be going to h-town this coming weekend for a ball game and shopping. :D

post pics of those cuties mnodeling their new outfits when you can!!!! :D

oh, and pink goes with EVERYTHING!!!!