I was so amazed when we went in The Halloween Store in Hattiesburg this past Saturday. My daughter had thought she might dress up with the girls for our Fall Festival at church this Wednesday night like many of the adults do. But absolutely every adult female costume in that store was a short skirt with a plunging neckline, no matter what the theme. Fairies, Pirates, Military, Nuns, yes, even Nuns, were the same. Short skirt, bare breasts. Do they think every woman wants to dress like a slut for Halloween???

They got my email address while I was there and I had mail when I got to work this morn. I just had to look at some of the costumes.

Now who would dress their baby like a whoopee cushion? Seriously.

And another listed in the children’s category, “In Goth We Trust”, you just have to look at:

Be safe this Halloween.


Andra said...

Walmart has the adult version of the whoopee cushion. It's about the only un-hookerish costume there though. I guess it's either be a rude noise maker, a hooker, or creative and make your own costume this year if you're over the age of 4 and can't fit into Disney princess costumes anymore. Oh the woes of adulthood...

Mrs.H said...

L, if she goes trick or treating with friends, is going to wear the pirate costume from our church's children's musical this summer. Why does the world want our daughters and granddaughters to grow up like that?

i'm black betty said...

i would dress my kid as a whoopie cushion. :D but that's because i'm crazy... LOL!!!

i agree with the sluty outfits. you can't find one, as an adult, that doesn't show the world your assets (good and bad). what happened to NORMAL outfits?