Home Sweet Home, Well, Sort of...

Since I spend half of my waking hours in this blue cube it is like my second home. I’ve been in this particular spot for about ten years now. No, I’m not a very neat person as far as my desk. And if you look closely you can see the duct tape hanging from my chair. I’ve had a few castors replaced too. They’d get me a new chair if I asked, actually we have several around the office I could get, but this particular chair is so comfy and as long as it is holding up I’m going stick with it.

I’ve spent a total of twenty-seven years with this company. I’ve changed offices, locations, and job titles a few times. It is not the greatest company in the world to work for but it has helped make a living for me and my family. I’m mostly surrounded by good people and the hours are great. It is about a 28 mile drive one way but it’s about as close as anything else in this area would be.

The economic crisis and decline in building has really hit this place hard. This is the lowest productions figures I’ve seen since I’ve been here. At one time we had around 800 employees with three shifts going. Now we have around 230 employees. We used to have two other manufacturing plants and a research and development center. Those were closed when the company founder passed away.

Times are tough. I’m praying things get better. But I’m afraid they are going to get worse first.


Jen said...

I was going to suggest you get them to buy you a new chair when I was looking THEN I read that you liked it & how comfy it is. That was the other thought when I was looking at the pic that the chair is probably very comfortable. heh!

I think things are going to get worse before they get better. But they are worse now than they were so maybe it will go back up. Heck if I know, I just know I am ready to come back out of this horrible slump

dhcoop said...

Now I don't feel so bad about my cube! LOL!