My Hospitality is Wearing Thin...

Dear Evacuees,

I hope you enjoyed your stay in our little state and town and that we lived up to our nickname as “The Hospitality State”.

It has been a hectic few days. I did my best to be kind, courteous and considerate knowing what you were going through. I tried not to huff and puff in the thirty minute long Wal-Mart checkout line and offered the cashier a greeting with a smile because I’m sure she had had a long, busy day. I stopped and let a car into the line because I figured that person was a long way from home, unfamiliar with their surroundings and possibly trying to get back. I waited patiently for five minutes trying to pull out from the bread store because no one was courteous enough to stop and let me out. I did not lay down on my horn in anger when the white car pulled out in front of me. I talked to several of you at Cracker Barrel because you were looking for conversation and information and were apprehensive about your situation. When we went to lunch yesterday and they told us it would be a long wait, we politely left and went across town to another place, only to find an even longer line and longer wait. We waited patiently though. I also took the longer, slower two lane highway when I traveled because my normal route down the interstate was backed up with traffic for miles…and miles, and miles. I waved at every utility truck I passed.

But Gustav is gone now. Finally. So please, PLEASE, go back home. Drive carefully and be safe and I sincerely hope every thing will be fine when you get to your home. But, please, just go. Now.

p.s. But if Ike or Josephine or any other storms do threaten y’all again, please come back. As always, we’ll be ready and waiting with open arms.

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