Weekend Wrap-up

It was a very busy weekend. Very busy.

It started with football Friday night. Good game. We won. The band didn’t perform though. Grrrr. They hadn’t practiced enough with the missed weather day, wet practice field and a band director with a bad back. The granddaughters had a blast at the game. They were good little girls too. We left at 9:30 since it was their bedtime and the third quarter was just starting. The 7:30 start time sure makes for late games.

The girls went to their other grandparents Saturday at noon to spend the night so I got started on my consignment sale items. I hadn’t been able to do much with two little rugrats always at my feet. It took a couple of hours to sort the items and enter everything into the consignment system. “IF” everything was to sell, and of course everything won’t, my percentage will be $609. Not bad. This company holds a fall and spring sale each year and even though it is a bit of work and a little expense it is worth it. Much better than doing a garage sale in my opinion. And they are very particular about what brands and the quality of clothing/items they take so it is a good sale for anyone looking to consign or buy children’s clothing and equipment. Here is their website if you’d like more info: http://www.bnsconsignment.com/

After I finished that, we went to Hattiesburg to eat and shop. This was a "date night" I guess since this was the first time we had been out by ourselves in ages. We had a great supper at Outback. Then found some fantastic deals at Kohls. I’m the kind of person who never seems to find a bargain but I found some of that shopping “magic” that my blogger buddy Susan speaks of this time. I was thrilled! THRILLED! Got a few Christmas presents knocked out of the way.

I heard there was a huge crowd for the Sunday School Kick Off party Saturday night. Good news. We missed it since we were on our date night.

Sunday afternoon I had to finish up my consignment items. Print tags, cut tags, iron clothes, pin on tags. Like I said, it’s work but worth it.

Needless to say, I didn’t get to watch much football like I had planned. I did see the last half of the Saints game, which was great, and most of the Colts game, which wasn’t so great.

We were also hurricane watching again this weekend. Please Ike, don’t come this way.

My baby girl has been running fever since Saturday. She has three new teeth so hopefully that is the problem…even though the doctor says that does NOT make them run fever. I disagree. My daughter always did when she cut teeth. Anyway, Nana is taking her to the doctor at 1:30 today. It has just hit me that this will be the first time the girls have been separated. They’ve never been anywhere without the other one.

So, it’s back to the work week routine. Glad to be able to get some rest…

Have a great week y’all.

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