Technology Free Weekend

Well, it was somewhat technology free. I didn’t turn my pc on at all. The redheads left Friday afternoon and I had plenty of time to surf…I just didn’t want to. Seems like blogging and facebooking and surfing in general has gotten old. I actually went to bed about 6:00 PM Friday night. I just needed the rest plus this graduation has really got me down. It felt good to catch up on my sleep. I had good long naps after dinner Saturday and Sunday too.

My cell phone stayed dead until yesterday afternoon. I didn’t even know it. I only use my cell phone in “have to” instances. I am just not a phone person at all. These people who talk while driving, walking, ordering in a fast food line (grrrrr, my pet peeve), sleeping (they must since they can’t breathe without one), I just don’t understand. I grew up without a cell phone and lived to tell about it. No big deal. I know they are handy but not something I couldn’t live without.

We worked in the yard Saturday morning and then hubby and I went to Hattiesburg Saturday night. We just took our time and ate at Newk’s and did a little shopping. I needed an outfit for graduation (*sniff*), something not too dressy since we will be at the football stadium. I found some black capris and a semi-dressy shirt at Dressbarn that will work just fine.

Sunday morning was senior recognition at church. My daughter was working so she couldn’t be there (*more sniffs*). They are short handed at work and she didn’t want to put them in a bind by asking to be off. She officially is out of school, since Friday, but had to be back this morning to practice graduation.

Okay. I don’t know how you other moms have handled graduation but I’m not doing very well with it. I didn’t know I would get so depressed. She’ll still be at home next year. She’s commuting, not staying in the dorm. So it’s not like she’s moving out. But this has been so depressing. Several years ago I actually got empty nest anxiety. I started panicking just thinking about what we’d do, or not do, once she left. I regretted having just one child at that time. I did some reading on adoption but my husband just wasn’t in agreement. I guess it was a good thing he wasn’t since the Lord sent us the redheads not too long after that. But I guess it has really hit me that my baby isn’t a baby any more.

So for now, I’m just going to allow myself to be sad if I want to. It’ll pass sooner or later.


What?! said...

awww...*tear* Not feelings I even want to imagine. My heart goes out to you!

Mrs.H said...

Sometimes I think I'm missing some critical "mom" gene. I didn't get depressed when she graduated. I didn't cry when we delivered her to the dorm at MSU 3 months later. I think from the beginning we decided that our goal was to raise adults and have always had that in the back of my mind. I'm really not cold and cruel. I miss her a lot when she's not here, but I'm looking forward to her life.

i'm black betty said...

i don't even want to think about graduation with the diva and lil farto. i'm sorry, tank. :(

Jen said...

I don't think my Mom got upset when I graduated. She was probably ready for me to go! haha But, she still had my brother coming up behind me. It was all an exciting time for us. Hang in there, you have the red heads to keep you busy.