For those of you who have asked about my mom: She is at UMC right now. Brookhaven diagnosed her with Strep A in her blood. They were extremely concerned that the bacteria had gotten into her artificial heart valve. UMC is doing more tests. Her echocardiogram looked good but they want to do one more test to be positive. She is doing better. She sat up in a chair for 45 minutes yesterday. They are taking the catheter out today so she can go to the bathroom on her own. Her fever will break now but go back up slightly at times (slightly, not the 104.9 she had last Tuesday). For days she kept fever so that is a good sign.

She is a tough lady! She is a severe diabetic, has glaucoma, high blood pressure, an artificial heart valve, two knee replacements (and one of those replaced), and a pin in her hip. She still lives alone, works her garden and has a yard full of flowers. She even got hit by a dually pick up about four years ago in the local mall parking lot and was only bruised up. We still harass my oldest sister about letting our mom get run over! Mother’s older sister is 95 and up until recently has been in decent health. She is not doing well at all herself right now though.

I really, REALLY appreciate all the prayers. Last Tuesday we had received the worst news but I seriously believe prayer turned things around.

We are planning a party with all this going on. The redheads turned two yesterday. We are having a luau birthday party this Saturday. I’m looking forward to it. I will post some pictures here.

Thanks again for all your prayers dear friends!


Jen said...

I am so glad to read that she is coming back around! My prayers continue. Yall haven't left my thoughts.

i'm black betty said...

prayers your way, love!