Some Twin Talk

This has been a super busy spring so far, at home and at work. Well, at home it mostly means doing whatever the redheads want to do which is staying outside as long as possible. As soon as I get home they start saying “outside, outside”. They love it outside. And we stay out there with them as long as we can. Thank goodness the mosquitoes have not been bad yet. Seems like there has been more flies than normal though. They are the biggest nuisance. But anyway, they run around, play on the little cars, sometimes get in the pool, wave at every car that passes, swing, slide, or whatever. They are happy as long as they are outside.

The girls have a pretty good vocabulary and are now making little sentences. Lil Sis tickled me the other day saying “Pawpaw at?” while holding her hands up in a questioning position. They both say “balloon” very well but can’t put the L sound at the beginning of a word. Popsicle is another favorite word. Chokite milk, gapes (grapes), fwuit, agoo (yogurt), chips, punch are some of their food words. Thankfully they are really good eaters and eat most anything you put in front of them, including greens. After a terrible round with fire ants, about ten bites on her foot, Lil Sis now says “stupid ants” very well. They say “sit down”, “moan Mawmaw” (come on), op’n it up, put ‘t up.

I wonder at what age all the big time singers usually start singing. These girls will get down singing. They may not know every word but they’ll drag out one word of the song and catch up on the next word they know. They sing with fervor too and those little heads are getting it from side to side. I need to get that on video for sure.

Potty training has pretty much stalled. I do my best to work with them on the weekends, but just weekends isn’t gonna get them trained. But it’s a start. They still may be a little young any way. I do see some light there though. For several weeks now as soon as Big Sis is wet she starts saying “poopie” and wants her diaper changed. She’ll run get up on the changing table and wait for you to come change her. Lil Sis has just recently started doing that. So, it’s a beginning anyway.

They’ll be two in less than three weeks. Time has flown by for sure. So we’ll be doing some party planning. I guess my babies are not babies any more. They are toddlers about to reach their terrible twos. I really don’t want to think about that!

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