If I Could Talk to the Animals

We had a fantastic trip to Global Wildlife in Folsum, LA yesterday. They have around 4,000 animals that roam freely on 900 acres. They pull you around in covered wagons with a tractor. I was disappointed that we didn't get to pet the giraffes this time. They are very sensitive to noise and apparently were scared to venture up to our wagons.

The antelope will steal your cup unless you've got a really firm grip on it.
The zebras are the only animals you cannot feed or pet. They bite.
A rhea bird.

Up close with the camels.


From Basil's Farm maybe???

Ernie, the dominant male llama.

Legend has it that this is the type donkey that Mary rode in to Bethlehem. It has been blessed with the marking of a cross on its back.


dhcoop said...

How very cool!

parrotmom said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure with the redheads. That is a pretty neat place.

Susan said...