Social Networking

So I broke down and joined the highly acclaimed social network called Facebook…something I said I’d never do. I really don’t have the time and really wasn’t sure I wanted everyone knowing rather personal things, even though I know I can mostly control that part. But I figured if my old, excuse me, older sister could do it I could figure it out.

I must say it has been interesting so far. I’ve received friend confirmations and requests. I’ve enjoyed the little tidbits that people post. I’ve enjoyed viewing mutual friends.

I’m still learning though. I still don’t know what “poke friend” means. I think of the movie Lonesome Dove when I see that because they used that word, a lot, but it meant “have sex”. Hopefully that isn’t what the FB “poke” means. Hopefully.

So for now, it’s kinda interesting. It may become boring and then again it may not. We’ll see.


i'm black betty said...

howdy partner! :D

Susan said...

I also swore I'd never join, but had to when my friend Jen had her baby and it was the best way to keep up with her pictures! Now I really like it. I hated MySpace, but Facebook seems much better. I still don't understand half of it, though!

April Davis said...

hahahaha I love the "poke" comment! You are too funny!