Haphazard Cogitations

I liked MrsH’s thoughts on the overuse of the word “random” so I thought I’d stay away from the word this time too. Mr. Webster describes it as lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern. MSWord listed some synonyms as chance, casual, haphazard, accidental, unsystematic, hit and miss.

I thought I’d go a step further and look up “thoughts”. Mr. Webster says it is serious consideration. A few synonyms were opinion, judgment, feelings.

So here are few of my haphazard, accidentally unsystematic hit and miss casual yet serious considerations:

It’s been a really busy week. I have to get baby clothes ready for the spring consignment sale I participate in twice a year. I’ve got some clothes out but still need to go through some drawers. I have to enter all the items into the website by Sunday night, print tags, cut tags and pin tags. The clothes have to be ironed and hung on the hangers a specific way. It has to be seasonal clothes in good condition. Whew. It’s some work but I still like doing this better than hassling with a garage sale. This company has also opened a new consignment shop for men’s and ladies’ clothing so I have some things together to take by there too.

We have the big mission conference at church this weekend. There’s been lots of preparation and work put into that. We have some fantastic speakers coming; Drs. Futral and Henderson, and Bros. Bendon Ginn and Jon Daniels. Please pray for a successful weekend.

We also have a mission team leaving for Mexico as soon as the conference is over at noon Sunday. They packed for that trip last night at church (I was in the nursery). Please be in prayer for a safe and successful mission there too.

My new favorite eat joint is Newk’s. Folks have been telling me it was good. I finally got to try it. Spicy Shrimp pizza was yum.

My old car hit 278,000 this past week. I love that car!

When your child tells you she wants the new cd by Christian artist Addison Road, do NOT google Addison Rose.

We have a couple of production lines that will be working this Friday. Yeah! Maybe, just maybe, things will start to pick up. I do not like this stinky economy.

Prom is next weekend at our high school. I guess this will be the last one for my daughter. I have anxious feelings about prom. It should be a fun night but I worry about the safety of the children.

The weather has been near perfect for a couple of days. It makes me eager for spring…but I’m sure we’ll have some more cold weather to come.

And how has your week been?


Jen said...

my week has been crappy, great, busy and TIRESOME! LOL! Crazy week that I am so behind I didn't realize today was Thursday. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY WEEK!?!

oooo.Prom.oooo hope she has fun!

Mrs.H said...

Did I say busy?
I mean really busy.