Best of Both Worlds

I had a great night of dining and shopping with my husband last night PLUS got home in time to see my hero, Jack Bauer.

We had planned to go to Hattiesburg all weekend but with prom and church meetings and such we never made it. Since we were childless we decided to go last night. But Monday night is 24 night. We actually made good time, without rushing, and made it back missing only the first fifteen minutes. I was pleased.

Poor Jack. He gives everything he has into saving (the majority of) lives and always gets in trouble. Every law agency in Washington is looking for him but can’t catch him. If people would only listen, he’s always right. They should know that by now. Right now he’s trying to save the US from a bio weapon attack while running for his own life from the people who SHOULD be tracking these weapons. Next Monday night can’t come soon enough.

Instead of asking my husband where he wanted to eat I just said we are going to Newks. Made things simpler instead of him saying “where do you want to go”, then me, “I don’t care, what do you want”. And going on forever. I made the decision. He got the pimento cheese and pea salad and I got the Margharita pizza. My husband was a little dismayed when he realized we had no meat but everything was good so he was satisfied.

We then went to Kohl’s, my favorite store for selection and value. They should let me do a commercial.

Next we went to The Children’s Place for the first time since they opened in Hattiesburg. The store is really nice, much larger than the one at Dogwood Festival. I have to restrain myself though. I could spend an entire paycheck in there. They have the cutest things. We got the redheads some sunshades and flip-flop style monkey house slippers to go in their Easter baskets. They are crazy about monkeys.

Next we went to Sears, Target and stopped by Walmart in Columbia.

So, it was good eating, good shopping, good timing…an overall good night with my two favorite men.

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dhcoop said...

I'm glad you got to enjoy your hubby AND Jack last night!

And I want to see a pic of the monkey house slippers!