I Remember...

When you work with the same company as long as I have, you see tons of people come and go. We say here, if you make it past three years you are stuck for life. Unfortunately, that hasn’t held true in this stinking economy. Seniority doesn’t mean much when things have to be trimmed. But I digress. It’s like family here. I consider many of these people very good friends. I still keep in touch with many of those who have left. I have a horrible memory but some things that have happened here have just stuck in my mind. Some good, some bad.

I remember…

Coming for my interview. My very informal interview. B introduced me as “Ruth” even though that is my city address, not my name. T kept asking someone in the office “whose cookies are those”. T was my first boss.

Finding out the man they hired the same time as me was paid much more even though we did the same job.

EA coming to work…WITHOUT his shoes. I remember thinking HOW can a person forget to wear there shoes!

G going to the bank to get travelers checks and responding “Pentecostal” when they asked her “what denomination?”.

Working at the main office for six weeks per Mr. B’s request.

The day the space shuttle Challenger blew up.

The guy that got squashed in the tool room.

The tornado. I stood mesmerized in the parking lot watching it snap power poles in half as dirt pounded my face. I was unaware of S yelling “run” as she made her way back into the building. Bill O got under his truck. But it passed as quickly as it came.

Finding out I was pregnant and calling and telling everyone.

P bringing me lemons and Krystals during my pregnancy.

M’s infatuation with Willie Nelson and Patrick Swayze.

M’s horrible punk hairdo.

Hearing about Shirley M’s tragic death one very foggy morning on her way to work. She never saw the school bus in the ditch.

G trying to “Riverdance” and popping the button off her skirt.

Changing positions and moving to the corporate office.

Mary T being held at gunpoint one morning in the parking lot. He wanted her keys but she refused. That’s when, unknown to me at the time, I drove up for work and scared the gunman off.

Hearing about the Jackson firehouse shooting by Kenneth Tornes (I don’t know how I can remember his name). Randy Bell came on the radio with breaking news.

Mr. B’s passing.

Moving back to the factory, where I love it, and Product Design.

Talking to A about a product question and her telling me a plane had crashed into the twin towers.

The Drink Man, Mad Jim, Charmin, The Wildebeests, Flash Gordon.

G sending her message about the boss to the “group” instead of just me. J saw her leaning on the boss’ desk later on in a prayer position.

Great bosses, crappy bosses.

Mr. B being let go. I cried all afternoon. They did him dirty.

My bff coming to work…WITHOUT HER SHOES.

Orders shrinking. Production shrinking. The number of employees shrinking. Working hours shrinking.

There are too many memories to write them all down.
Times change but life goes on.


Susan said...

There's just something about your office and shoes, isn't there? I've gone to work wearing two different shoes a couple of times, but never without them altogether!

i'm black betty said...

great post. thanks for sharing... xoxo

April Davis said...

I enjoyed reading those memories! I actually remember some of those myself!