Is It Friday Yet?

Okay, one consignment batch out of the way, now one to go. I still have pretty much everything still left to do for the children’s sale…and my time is running out. Yikes.

I am impressed. The church has nice professionally printed signs up at several intersections announcing this weekend’s mission conference and giving directions. Our pastor has really gone all out for this. I do hope we have a good turnout.

I am REALLY impressed. My bff’s husband has enough clout to get the Bull Bash he is putting on advertised on the sign at BK. He must be a personal friend of the king.

Cheesy Tots were perfect this morning.

Have a great weekend everyone.


i'm black betty said...

no, YOU, have a great weekend!!! xoxo

Mrs.H said...

He's a FOTK!

Best wishes for the Missions conference.