Chatter Box...X 2

I used to just beg my daughter to be quiet for one minute because she talked so much when she was little. Now I have two chattering up a storm. There is rarely a quiet moment in the house. The only time they are not talking is when they are sleeping or into one of their tv shows.

I do love how their vocabulary has grown and what long sentences they can make now.

The most common phrases:

I do it by meself.

Just one second. (while holding up three fingers)

Wait a minute Mawmaw, wait a minute.

Hear that?

No, I’m fine. (anytime I ask if their diaper is wet)

No, I don’t like ________ (fill in the blank with absolutely anything, whether they really like it or not)

I like _______.

I want a popsicle.

What you doing Mawmaw?

Where _______ at? (fill in the blank with every human and animal they know by name)

I wanna watch Sprout.


Mrs.H said...

One of my favorites from El was "I'm not fonded of noodles."

Jen said...

OH my! I know what you mean...I am working with 3 and 4 year olds and LAWD HAVE MERCY they CAN TALK!!! hahahaha I have identical twin girls and they are my heart. Long story as to WHY they are but those 2 can talk my ears up red! :)

Enjoy it though, they may not SPEAK to you when they are teens. hehe

HorribleLicensePlates said...

Just one second. (while holding up three fingers)

So precious!

i'm black betty said...

currently, "i want a popscicle" is my daughter's most used request.

they are just adorable. :)