No, I'm not getting divorced. After 24 years I have him pretty well trained so I think I'll keep him. I'm referring to my brother and his animals. My pets become part of the family. But not to him. He buys and sells or gets and gives and doesn't think twice about it. Oh, I don't think any less of him for it. He's a wonderful brother, a super nice and friendly person that everyone likes. He's a part time farmer and I guess that's just what farmers do. Just last week he sold his beautiful herd of black angus. We live in the old family home so the barn and catch pen is behind our back yard (yes, we even have an old family cemetery in our side yard). I had been taking my grandbabies out to see the moo cows every afternoon. Several of the cows would let you close enough to pet them. The babies were entranced. It had become a daily ritual. Now they are gone. My brother just says "I'm gonna get some more". Get 'em, raise them, then sell 'em. It breaks my heart to lose a pet. Earlier this year I lost my 12 year old kitty and my 10 year old pot belly pig. I cried, my daughter cried. I might have even seen a tear in my husband's eyes. Maybe it would be easier if I were more like my brother and was just unattached.

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