Christmas 2010

It was good to be home with my family for the holidays. Christmas had become such a hectic stressful time for me the past few years but this year I just let it flow. My house may not have been spotless but I didn’t care. I didn’t cook as much food as I normally do but I didn’t care. I didn’t worry about whether or not everyone would like their gifts. I just enjoyed the holiday.

We had my husband’s children and families over on Christmas Eve Eve (yes, two eves). On Christmas Eve my entire family was there. With four siblings and all of their family it is a pretty good crowd. Since I live in our old family home I like to host our Christmas gathering. It seems like the night went by in a flurry though. With everyone’s own family growing we all have other gatherings to attend and have to leave.

I think Christmas day was the longest day of my life. The granddaughters woke up around 8:00 and checked out the Santa stuff. They were so excited this year. We had brunch instead of our normal Christmas lunch. We kept it simple with omelets, hash browns, fried ham, biscuits and monkey bread. The girls left right after lunch to go have Christmas with their other grandparents. My daughter and son-in-law went to his parents house. My husband and I just sat at home. And sat. And watched tv. Boring tv. And we napped. And then sat some more. Man, it was a long day. And the dreary weather just made it ten times worse.

I didn’t leave the house from the time I got home from work on Wednesday the 22nd until Tuesday the 28th. And that was only for a funeral. One of my “second” mothers went on to be with Jesus on Christmas Eve. Her daughter and I are good friends. I spent many, many nights at her house. We got married at her house.

Everyone around the house was sick. My husband and I took big sis to the doc since my daughter was sick also. Strep. All of us adults came down with the crud. So between the sickness and lack of money we really couldn’t have gone anywhere anyway.

So Christmas 2010 has come and gone. It was fun and I’m glad it came. And I’m really glad it’s gone.

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