Overcoming Fear

I am acrophobic, claustrophobic and seriously arachnophobic.

Spiders. Just the word creeps me out.

So, just me, my daughter and the redheads went on a mini vacation to Jellystone state park. We had a great time. The girls had a blast. It is a great place for kids. Now for adults, unless you love to swim or fish there really isn’t anything else to do. I mostly did some “resting” in the cabin and let my daughter and the girls stay at the pool and the splash pad in that hot scorching sun. They tan. I burn.

The last morning, as we were getting ready to leave, MY BIGGEST FEAR. I started to get into the shower and there it was. A SPIDER. Oh. My. I don’t kill spiders because I’m scared to get that close to them. I’ve even called my brother-in-law to come to my house and kill a spider when I was alone at home. My mind went to spinning. What was I going to do? The girls are as scared of them as I am. I’m thinking I passed that trait down to them.

I went and got the fly swat that was hanging in the kitchen. I let the monster crawl inside the shower curtain then I beat the curtain with the fly swat until I saw it fall. I then carefully reached in and turned on the hot water. It took a few minutes but the thing finally went down the drain.


But as I was taking my shower I could only think about the Night Gallery episode where the guy would wash the bug down the drain and every time it would crawl back out – BIGGER. The bug finally ate the man. I showered and washed my hair at record speed.

So, I really didn’t overcome my fear. I was able to get by momentarily though. I’ll make sure my husband comes with us on vacation next time just in case we encounter another spider.


Jenny Ellen said...

I used to have phobia's of the colour yellow, telephones, and round-abouts!

Carswell King said...

I knew I had to follow you when I read "Overcoming Fear". I jumped out of a moving car once because I spotted a spider on the sun visor. Didn't think there could be anyone else as arachnaphobic as I am!