Dress #2

Okay, I honestly debated as to whether or not I even would share this with anyone because when you read it you will say either I'm the most insane person in the world or the best mother in the world.

We have bought another wedding dress.

There. I said it.

And no. We cannot cancel the other one.

A couple of weekends ago we went to a local bridal store to look at bridesmaid dresses. Well, they had gotten in the new Allure spring line. And there it was. "THE" perfect dress.


I liked the first dress she ordered because she did. It just didn't "wow" me though. This new dress "wowed" me big time. And...it fit to a T. No altering needed. That kinda was a "sign" to me I guess.

So, the dress is at our house.

I would love to show you the picture but I'll wait until after the wedding.

Go ahead, call me crazy.

Thank goodness I only have one child.

By the way, I have a beautiful Allure Couture Bridal gown, ivory/silver, size 5, I will sell very reasonable. Very, very reasonable.



Susan said...

oh. my. :)

i'm black betty said...

hey...you go with your gut! :)