Cheesy Tot Replacement

It took quite some time but I finally found a replacement for my cheesy tots for breakfast.

Plus a 16 ounce Mt. Dew.

I had stopped drinking regular soft drinks completely but for some reason these garlic chips just need a “real” Mt. Dew with them.
So far, I have only found them in one store. But it’s a fairly new store, nice and clean, and it's right on my way to work. So I’m not having to drive all the way across town for them.
And apparently I’m not the only person that likes them. When I first started buying them, every Monday morning they would be out. I’d panic but make do. It would usually be Wednesday or Thursday before they restocked them. The store manager finally figured out that they need to stock more. They now fill FOUR of the hanging racks up. I don’t think they will run out now.
They are a bit pricey, $2.19 a bag but I munch on the bag off and on all day. And if you don’t mind garlic breath they taste absolutely super fantastic.

Not quite as good as those warm, cheesy, creamy tots, but they’ll do.

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