I thought I’d be all happy and relieved when the wedding was over. I’m actually kinda missing all the planning and shopping and net surfing and such. It’s like there’s a void I need to fill. Maybe I should become a wedding planner. On second thought, NO WAY. As much as I enjoyed it, it was one (if not “the”) most stressful things I’ve ever been through. But I must say, it turned out really well and was beautiful. And the bride was exceptionally beautiful.

I have deleted all the hundreds of bookmarks I had saved on centerpieces, reception food, pew markers, ideas, suggestions, talk forums, etc. There are a couple of websites I still like to look at though. Theknot.com and Brenda’s Wedding Blog. Doesn’t hurt to look.

Well, we do have Halloween coming up. We’ve already been looking at costumes. Right now the redheads want to be pirates. Then there’s Christmas, then birthdays, Easter. Actually now that I think about it I’m sure my void will be filled.

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